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I've synthesised discussions about and practical use of GHI into a single wiki page. Please shout if you want anything added or changed!

I've also gone through and replaced as many references to Bugzilla with references to GHI as (1) makes sense and (2) I am immediately able. There's about 20 pages still on my hit-list, not all of which I have the knowledge to deal with - if you feel like pitching in, please take one and let me know when it's done (or, if you don't have wiki access, let me know what the appropriate edits would be).

List of pages outstanding )
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This entry will be stickied in [site community profile] dw_dev for at least a few weeks; please point people at it if they haven't seen it!

Apologies for the delay on writing up guidance on this, folks; we were wrangling out the last of the details. (Or rather, we were wrangling enough of the details for me to make this post; I'm sure there are multiple remaining details unwrangled, which we'll figure out as we go.)

Starting now, and thanks to Bugzilla's sad demise, we will be starting a trial period of using Github Issues to keep track of our bugs. It's possible that it won't work out for us, but right now the downsides are outweighed by the very strong advantage of having everything in one place and the heavy integration.

We will not be importing the entire Bugzilla database, for two reasons: one, putting together something to port over all the data is effort that would be best spent elsewhere, and two, it's been a long time since we've been through the list to cull things that are no longer features that are no longer needed and bugs that are no longer manifesting. We decided that starting fresh with a blank slate and only entering things as they come up will be a good way of making sure the list is only full of relevant things.

This post will be about two things: how to log bugs and how to find bugs to work on. There will be a future post on how a particular item (issue) will move through the workflow with you; we have a few last little things to clear up there first, but I wanted to get this posted as soon as possible so people could start work again.

Of note:

* Please only use this process for code-related bugs. We're not yet 100% certain what the process for docs bugs will be. For now, if you spot a FAQ that needs to be changed or needs to be written, report it with a comment on this entry in dw-docs.

* DO NOT use this process for security bugs. If you think you've found a security bug and want to report it, email webmaster@dreamwidth.org (private support category) and we'll take it from there.

* Part of this transition involves declaring total bug amnesty. If you had a bug assigned to you in Bugzilla, and decide that you don't want it anymore (or if you've forgotten about it completely), you're off the hook. (Not that you couldn't have been off the hook at any time anyway, but I know how hard it is to admit defeat sometimes.)

* On the other hand, if you had a bug assigned to you in Bugzilla, and you're still working on it or were almost ready to submit a pull request, we still want it! Open a new issue in Github for it and carry on.

* Just because we're not making a concerted effort to migrate every open bug from the old Bugzilla database doesn't mean that we don't want bugs to be re-reported. If you logged a bug in Bugzilla (or remember a bug from Bugzilla), and the bug is still happening and still annoying you, please open an issue for it. I will be trying to go through the last year or so of still-open bugs from Bugzilla to find "bugs that are still bugs" and re-create them, but I can't guarantee how long it will take me and I'd rather the bugs get logged sooner than I can commit for-sure to doing it, especially so that we have a nice collection of stuff for people to pick from if they just want to pick something up and hack.

That having been said:

Logging bugs )

Finding bugs to work on )

There you have it! It will probably take a little bit of getting used to (I know it took me a bit to figure it all out) but -- having gone through the process a few times in the course of figuring things out -- it really is very straightforward once you start doing it. The biggest gotcha, I think, is going to be remembering to set the milestone for all the unclaimed bugs. (That's part of the reason why we're considering using labels for that functionality instead of milestones; there are benefits and detriments to both. Fu and I will decide in a week or two once we see how a small scale test works out.)

Please take this chance to log all the bugs you're still working on, and all the bugs you can think of as still affecting you, over the next few days! Once that's been done, I'll start going through the various "upkeep" tasks (new themes, new embed sources, etc) and add those, then start working through the [site community profile] dw_suggestions posts tagged "bugzilla: migrated" to see which ones should be moved over to GHI.

([personal profile] ninetydegrees, I know you have spreadsheets for themes that were in Bugzilla and not yet patched; if you want to add those, that would be awesome, but if you don't have the time/energy, I will get to them when I fill in the various "is: upkeep" things.) (Also, I will explain the "is: upkeep" and how that differs from other "is: foo" tags in a few paragraphs!)

Again, I'm sorry for my delay in writing up the guidance for What We're Doing With This -- things took a little more discussion. Thank you all for being so willing to roll with things and try out new workflows.

If you run into questions as you work, just holler.

Appendix: What the labels mean: a work in progress )
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Hi all,

First, I'm sorry for the delay in posting this and, in advance, quite sorry for the problem.

Bugzilla has died. In a rather messy and, unfortunately, irrecoverable way. The long story short is that, for historical reasons, it still ran on my personal server. I had a human-error incident with said server the other night and, alas, it was the kind of incident that ended with me accidentally deleting the server and all of its data.

Further unfortunately, I thought it was actually backed up on EBS (one of Amazon's storage systems). It wasn't. (Or well, more accurately, the root volume was -- so I still have /etc and such. But no actual /var/lib/mysql or /home.) I contacted Amazon to ask for help and they heroically tried, but it was to no avail.

In good news, we actually have substantially all of the data collected across our collected email accounts. We can recover things we want to keep, so very little is actually gone.

What's next? Well, we're going to take this time to take a step back and think about how we do bug/task/feature/etc management and how to fit that into the GitHub Issues system. Since we already use GitHub, there would be some advantages to having a centralized system that fits in with the rest of our workflow. (If you've got experience with GitHub Issues and have some advice, please let us know!)

More details will be coming sometime in the next week or two.

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Bugzilla is temporarily down due to server problems. We'll keep you posted!
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I filed a bug last night saying that we should state our password strength requirements on the "create user" page. As it turns out, that was bug #5000.

That'd be a great one for a beginner to knock off, by the way. =)
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i've now been through the entire buglist at least once. (i will be starting the second pass shortly, so there'll be more work forthcoming, but still.)

things you may need to know:

* in an effort to clean up the assigned-but-not-being-worked-on stuff, i unassigned anything that had been assigned for more than 18 months without any activity. i did my best to not unassign anything that could only be handled by the person assigned to it, or anything that was older but waiting for an answer from somebody or blocked on an unresolved bug, but i know i made at least one mistake! so, if i unassigned a bug from you, but i shouldn't have (either because you're actively working on it, you have code written but are blocked on an answer from somebody, or you literally are the only person who can work on that for whatever reason) please do assign it back to you and set it back to IN_PROGRESS.

* i tried to catch any unanswered questions or unresolved issues as i was going through and either answer them myself or point the person who could answer it at the bug. i may have missed something, though, so if you're still waiting on something, holler.

* there were a few cases of "major work has been done on the bug, but there are some things still outstanding". i generally closed those, with a note to open a new bug for any work that still needs to be done. i opened a few of them myself where i could identify what needed to be done, but if i resolved a bug of yours like that, please check to see if i included the "open a new bug" note and open bugs for anything that still needs to be done. if you disagree that the majority of the work has already been done, you can go ahead and reopen (there was at least one instance of that, too).

* i closed a shitpot (that's a technical term) of bugs as "on second thought, i don't think we need to spend time on this". if you disagree on any of those and would like to appeal, email me.

side note: going by the periodic bug counts i post to my journal, the number of open bugs is now lower than it has been since august of 2011 \o/


Mar. 8th, 2013 02:10 pm
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this morning, we passed 4000 bugs resolved.

we are also 48 bugs away from 3500 bugs resolved/fixed.

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wednesday: 1004 open bugs
today: 956 open bugs


next step i'm asking everybody to do: take a minute and check your open-and-assigned bugs! in many cases, people have bugs open and assigned to them that are almost done, that just need that one more thing to add for it to be considered good enough. today, let's all check through our bugs and see if any of them are in "eh, good enough" (and closeable) state -- and close them as FIXED if they are. if they're not quite good-enough-and-closeable, but they have had work done on them -- ie, there's still some stuff that should be done, but the bulk of the work is finished -- open new bugs for the last remaining bits so we don't forget them, and then close the older bug once there are new bug(s) for all the remaining bits.

reasoning for this: many of us (myself included) tend to open bugs that are very large in scope and feel like they never get finished! that's demoralizing. i'd rather have more and smaller bugs than fewer huge bugs that only one person can work on.
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it's been a while since we've done a bugzilla cleanup! someone mentioned that it's difficult to find bugs to work on, and i think the high number of open bugs has a lot to do with that, so i'm declaring spring cleaning on the bug list.

there are currently 14 public bugs that are CONFIRMED and assigned to someone other than nobody@dreamwidth.org. if you are the assignee for any of them, please either:

(a) set the status to IN_PROGRESS, indicating that you are still working on it or planning on working on it in the near future, or
(b) set the assignee back to nobody@dreamwidth.org so somebody else can pick it up!

there are also currently 199 public bugs IN_PROGRESS. please take a look and see if you have any bugs assigned to you with a status of IN_PROGRESS! if you do, and you aren't planning on working on them, please:

(1) set the status back to CONFIRMED, and
(2) set the assignee back to nobody@dreamwidth.org!

remember: there is absolutely no shame at all to deciding that you don't want to work on a particular bug anymore. (there are a few bugs i've picked up and dropped three or four times each!) it is perfectly okay to drop a bug that you aren't as interested in as you thought you were. it's not a failure in any way, and you may be doing another developer a favor when they decide the bug looks interesting!

we're going to be working on clearing out bugs that are no longer applicable, have been resolved-by-proxy, or have been open so long that we've changed our minds about needing them due to other things happening, but in the meantime, if you spot any of those, drop me a line so i can deal with 'em.
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We've enabled the "voting" plugin in Bugzilla, to allow people to 'vote' for certain bugs. However! Please leave it alone -- no matter the temptation, please don't add votes to a bug.

We're using that mechanism to track number of times something is reported through a support request, in order to see which bugs generate the most support traffic. In order to keep things from being counted more than once in the tally, we're designating one person (the fabulous [personal profile] misskat) to do the tallying-up.

If you accidentally vote for something (it's really hard to accidentally do, since there's a confirmation!), it's not a huge deal -- you can change your vote to remove it.

Bug Pruning

Oct. 9th, 2012 07:52 am
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It's been a while since we've gone through Bugzilla and "pruned" out bugs that are no longer relevant because:

-- a bug has been fixed-by-proxy, and no longer happens, because of another fix
-- the feature proposed has been superseded by another change
-- the bug is logged against an older browser and we no longer support that browser
-- we are no longer accepting bugs against an area of the site because the replacement is in beta (the old RTE, old journal-based javascript, the old version of talkread.bml, the old update page)
-- best practices have changed since the bug was logged
-- etc, etc.

Obviously Mark and I are the ones who have to catch the "our vision for the site has changed since the bug was logged and we no longer desire this feature" (and I will be going through and doing that list at some point) but I would like to crowdsource the rest of it a bit! If people have time this week, please take a few minutes and look over some of the open bugs, and drop a comment here if you see any that fit into one of those "could probably be closed" categories.

(Fun fact: Bug 1 was opened 2008-03-31 -- so, we've been collecting bugs for four and a half years or so! And that time we have RESOLVED 3693 bugs, and RESOLVED/FIXED 3237 bugs. Which is pretty kickass, if you ask me.)


Apr. 18th, 2012 09:07 pm
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While looking for something else tonight I wound up running the "resolved/fixed" Bugzilla query, and sometime between the last time I looked and now, we have passed 3000 fixed bugs. (3068, to be precise.) That's only bugs that were resolved with an actual change, patch, or other action, too; if you count duplicates, invalid bugs, things that were fixed-by-proxy, stuff we decided not to do after all, etc, that number goes up to 3469.

Since we started using Bugzilla for keeping track of our tasks in mid-January of 2009, that gives us a rate of approximately 1000 bugs fixed per year. I think that is pretty fucking awesome.
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Pros for: helps turn mobile development into an easily sectionable project and focus, which is good, because mobile is an important thing since more and more computing is being done on mobile devices. Without a category, or at the very least a "why-mobile" tag, there's no easy way to pull up work that specifically relates to mobile initiatives.

Cons against: so many categories already, I know we're reluctant to add to that.

We might also want a "mobile" tag on [site community profile] dw_dev!

(This post inspired by somebody asking after mobile initiatives in [site community profile] dw_dev.)
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Hi all,

I've moved Bugzilla's outgoing email to Mailgun (http://mailgun.net/). This should improve reliability of the emails because it now does SPF and DKIM on the outgoing messages. This should also reduce the headache of me trying to manage email in an EC2 environment, which is kind of a pain.

This should be no-op to most of you, but if you stop getting bugmail or something weird happens, please let me know and I can investigate.
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Bug 3532, the jQuerify journals bug, is moving towards completion. On the next code push, there will be a post to [site community profile] dw_beta for any remaining issues people are having. They'll be fixed and/or filed, depending on urgency, so that we can then turn on the jQuery for everyone, while still giving people a chance to turn the jQuery off. I imagine once all the issues are taken care of, the old journal Javascript will be deprecated and then removed.

For development, this means patches for old journal Javascript will no longer be accepted. If you see a bug open for old journal JS, it can be closed. (Don't do that if it's something that involves doing JS for the new JQuery version, though.)

Extra info on: Why JQuery-izing? )
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People may have noticed that the Bugzilla form has simplifed again! i went through and disabled all the fields we aren't using that Bugzilla would let me disable, and simplified the ones that couldn't.

* Fields no longer visible: Target Milestone and QA Contact, since we aren't using them

* Flags no longer visible: blocking-launch (we've passed launch) and Upstream

* "Version" is a required field, but I removed 0.1 and 0.5 under the DW Development product, leaving only 1.0 and Unspecified. (I'd disable 1.0 and make it just be Unspecified, but that'd require a lot of bug editing, since bugs are about 50/50 split between the two. Still, don't worry about it when opening a bug.)
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I've just realized I can change the values in Bugzilla for the RESOLVED status; I've removed MOVED (which we have never used and which just takes up space) and added BYPROXY, to be used for bugs that we fixed accidentally while fixing something else or bugs that pixies spontaneously manifested a fix for by working their magic in the depths of the code while we weren't looking.

(Now why do the pixies never add new features? That's what I'd like to know.)
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In an effort to make sure that older bugs don't get lost, I'm going through over the next few days and unassigning any bugs that have been in the ASSIGNED (now IN_PROGRESS) state for over six months with no activity on the bug, unless I know for sure that a) the assignee is still active in DW development and b) the bug is part of a larger project that the assignee is still working on.

If I accidentally hit a bug of yours that you're still working on, I apologize in advance! Just snag it back for yourself.
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As part of the Bugzilla upgrade that we did recently, [staff profile] mark today ran the upgrade script that changes the available statuses for bugs.

The available statuses are now:

UNCONFIRMED, for bugs that are newly reported
CONFIRMED, for bugs that someone has verified that yeah, this is a valid bug
IN_PROGRESS, for something you're working on
RESOLVED, which is the same as we've been using

So, now when you take a bug for yourself, you'll set it to IN_PROGRESS, not ASSIGNED!
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Just to bring this top level -- I've had some issues with email from the Bugzilla machine. It is now hosted in EC2, but this is causing a few difficulties because sending email from EC2 turns out to be a real pain. They're on a perpetual blacklist by SpamHaus and presumably others.

Anyway, I've signed up for SMTP relaying service through Dyn and forwarding email through that. This should work fine unless we go over the daily quota -- which wasn't a problem yesterday, but I could see being an issue on a day in which someone generates a lot of bugmail.

I think the ultimate solution is for me to stop hosting Bugzilla myself and just have Dreamwidth do it. I'm working on that now, but it's going to take a bit of time. This does mean Bugzilla will take one more downtime to move, but it should be on a fairly final location.

Sorry for the trouble folks. You all rock.


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