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[personal profile] marnanel has started working on an Android client for Dreamwidth. Here's their care-and-feeding-of-marnanel post, and [community profile] dwim is the community about this Android work specifically. Their welcome post asks some questions and invites discussion, about UI, caching, whether anyone would like to help, and more.

I'm not involved with the work -- just signal-boosting. I know [personal profile] marnanel to have experience with writing mobile applications. In fact [personal profile] marnanel was the maintainer of Joule, a mobile LiveJournal client ([community profile] joule).
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I was wondering what had happened to the iDreamwidth app & code. Rumor has it that the developer disappeared after the GSOC 2010. I am interested in perhaps getting the app or maybe working on it... possibly helping admin the source control and such if I am not enough of an Objective C guru.

Anyway! What's the status? Does anyone have the code?
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I don't know if this is precisely on topic for this comm, but it seems like the least inappropriate community for making this sort of announcement...

As my capstone project for my degree, I'm working on developing an iPhone app for use with Dreamwidth. I'm pretty excited about it and about the progress I've made so far. I have an entry over in my journal where I'm taking requests for potential features. Any and all suggestions/requests/input will be gratefully welcomed. Signalboosting would also be welcomed, especially since I'm hoping to use that post as evidence that potential users for this app really do exist.

Relatedly... does the wiki belong to a particular committee, or may anyone make changes? I've noticed that most of the pages related to the XML-RPC interface are marked as needing update, and since I foresee spending a lot of time with them anyway this semester... yeah.
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Hey Dreamwidth! This is Xerxes, one of the GSoC 2010 students at Dreamwidth, and I'm working on the mobile client for Dreamwidth, iDreamwidth for Apple's line of iOS devices. With the nearing of the end of summer and GSoC, I though it would be proper to give the community an update on the project.

What's iDreamwidth?

iDreamwidth is the mobile client for Dreamwidth on Apple's current line of iOS devices. The aim of the project is to provide users with an intuitive interface that will keep DW posters from having to keep pinching and expanding their web sites in MobileSafari and instead have them using a client application that will allow them posting easier as well as working on drafts offline. To give you a little more of an idea of what it looks like, I've provided a bit of a tour of the application below:Read more... )
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iDreamwidth is looking for some users who are unafraid of buggy student software!  As an alpha tester, you'll be able to see iDreamwidth's development from the ground up and be able to give your input into how it looks and responds by being able to put a version of the current weekly build onto YOUR iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. You'll be able to submit bug reports, give reviews of different features, and suggest improvements you would like to see in the next week's build!
Due to limitations in the iPhone Developer program, only a limited number will be able to alpha test iDreamwidth. Therefore, not everyone who applies may be accepted. If interested, send in the following application information below to!
Alpha Tester Application
1. Name, Dreamwidth username, and primary email address
2. Device (i.e. iPhone(3G/S), iPod Touch, or iPad?) and Software Version*
3. Device's UDID**
4. Do you think you'll be able to file bug reports/reviews/comments on the iDreamwidth support site ( for weekly alpha releases?
* To determine your software version, simply go to the Settings on your device and navigate through General -> About -> Version.
** In order to determine your UDID, you'll need to connect your device to iTunes on your computer. If connected successfully, iTunes should open up and have your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad listed under Devices. Click on your device and make sure that you are on the "Summary" tab. You should see information such as name, capacity, software version, etc listed on this page. Look for a field called "Identifier". It should be found below "Software Version". Click on "identifier" and you should see a long alphanumeric code listed in the Identifier field. Additionally the Identifier field should change to "Identifier (UDID)". This is the string you'll need to provide.


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