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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_dev2012-10-09 07:52 am
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Bug Pruning

It's been a while since we've gone through Bugzilla and "pruned" out bugs that are no longer relevant because:

-- a bug has been fixed-by-proxy, and no longer happens, because of another fix
-- the feature proposed has been superseded by another change
-- the bug is logged against an older browser and we no longer support that browser
-- we are no longer accepting bugs against an area of the site because the replacement is in beta (the old RTE, old journal-based javascript, the old version of talkread.bml, the old update page)
-- best practices have changed since the bug was logged
-- etc, etc.

Obviously Mark and I are the ones who have to catch the "our vision for the site has changed since the bug was logged and we no longer desire this feature" (and I will be going through and doing that list at some point) but I would like to crowdsource the rest of it a bit! If people have time this week, please take a few minutes and look over some of the open bugs, and drop a comment here if you see any that fit into one of those "could probably be closed" categories.

(Fun fact: Bug 1 was opened 2008-03-31 -- so, we've been collecting bugs for four and a half years or so! And that time we have RESOLVED 3693 bugs, and RESOLVED/FIXED 3237 bugs. Which is pretty kickass, if you ask me.)

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