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I've just gone through and made sure that the list of who has sent me a contributor licensing agreement (CLA) is up to date with the checkboxes in Bugzilla, so that people who've submitted a CLA have had their Bugzilla accounts marked as such. I'm sure there are some I've missed, because people are using a different email for their Bugzilla account than they were on the CLAs list!

So, if you've submitted a CLA, and your Bugzilla email address is different than the email address you sent the CLA from, and you are not 100% sure that your Bugzilla account is marked as having submitted a CLA (ie, you've had a patch accepted before), please comment on this post with both your Bugzilla email address and the email address you sent the CLA from / wrote on the CLA (if you submitted it via postal mail).

(All comments are screened.)
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dw is a program I use for managing local Dreamwidth installations. It provides handy shortcuts for invoking, and it can install Dreamwidth from scratch or upgrade an existing installation. Additionally, it can automatically run Dreamwidth under an unprivileged Apache process; this means you only need to make a single change to your normal system configuration[1], and in theory you shouldn't even need root privileges to run Dreamwidth this way.

To use it, simply install the script as "dw" somewhere in your $PATH; dw help will show usage information.

[1] Dreamwidth apparently doesn't like having a port number in $LJ::DOMAIN, so you will have to set up a reverse-proxy on port 80.

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So, some time ago (month or two?) we introduced a CLA v2.0. This version of the document adds one important section:

10. Licensing of Derivative Work

If you provide your Contribution to us as intended for a repository or collection of work that is available under a free software license as defined by the Free Software Foundation (FSF), we guarantee that if we distribute a work based on or including your Contribution (a "Derivative Work"), in whole or in part, we will distribute that work under a free software license with terms that are no more restrictive than the licensing terms applicable to the collected Work at the time your Contribution is accepted. However, we may also distribute the Derivative Work under other terms as well. If your Contribution is intended for a repository or collection of Work that is available under differing licensing terms, this section shall not apply.

In layman's terms, this means that if you contribute code to dw-free, it always has to stay free. We cannot take that code and continue to use it if we stop distributing Dreamwidth under a FSF approved license. (Note that contributions to dw-nonfree do not benefit from the provisions of this section; but also note that we put almost nothing except site branding in dw-nonfree.)

I don't think we managed to call this out anywhere, so there you go. If you would like to sign this one and have us tear up your old CLA v1.0, please let us know. You'll have to sign and send in the last page of the new one to Denise, and then when she receives it she can file it and deal with the original one.
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Can we have a "needs-cla" flag for keeping track of patches from contributors who might not have a CLA on file?


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