Feb. 2nd, 2012

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Every few months, I run through [site community profile] changelog compiling a list of who has been contributing patches to our code repository, with the understanding that this is not a competition, or any sort of "high score" list. It's intended as a guide for casual developers, to discern not only our most prolific contributors, but also those who have contributed to the project most recently and therefore would be more likely to provide a timely, informed response to development questions. That is why the list is sorted by "Latest" instead of "Changes".

In general, one entry in [site community profile] changelog equals one point in the "Changes" column, but fractional points are awarded for collaborative efforts — the most common example being a new S2 theme, where usually half credit is awarded to the theme author and the other half to the person who converts the theme into a code patch. Due to the nature of development, some changes are massive contributions of new code, and others are tiny tweaks; there is no correlation with the amount of effort involved. We are grateful to everyone who helps to improve Dreamwidth, in ways large or small.

I last compiled this list at the beginning of October. Since that time, we have welcomed six new contributors: [personal profile] hope, [personal profile] sevilemar, [personal profile] stormy, [personal profile] chagrined, [community profile] flatlanders, and [personal profile] delladea. I know not all of you directly contributed code, but you have all helped make DW better. Congratulations and thank you again!

  #  User                      Changes     Latest
  1. kareila                     750.5     Wed Feb 01 07:11:19 2012 UTC
  2. mark                        410.5     Wed Feb 01 00:45:26 2012 UTC
  3. ninetydegrees              470.76     Tue Jan 31 07:30:25 2012 UTC
  4. fu                           1062     Tue Jan 31 07:04:23 2012 UTC
  5. allen                        56.5     Tue Jan 31 03:02:03 2012 UTC
  6. delladea                     2.66     Mon Jan 30 11:19:28 2012 UTC
  7. nornoriel                      10     Mon Jan 30 11:11:53 2012 UTC
  8. inoru_no_hoshi               0.58     Mon Jan 30 11:11:53 2012 UTC
  9. timeasmymeasure             11.33     Mon Jan 30 03:18:25 2012 UTC
 10. sophie                         49     Fri Jan 27 05:51:52 2012 UTC

 11. dancing_serpent              21.1     Wed Jan 25 16:22:18 2012 UTC
 12. alierak                        12     Sun Jan 22 23:53:50 2012 UTC
 13. the_wanlorn                     2     Thu Jan 19 07:46:33 2012 UTC
 14. denise                     373.08     Tue Jan 10 11:35:31 2012 UTC
 15. flatlanders                   0.5     Tue Jan 10 10:17:16 2012 UTC
 16. yvi                           145     Fri Jan 06 15:06:06 2012 UTC
 17. rising                       21.3     Wed Dec 28 07:36:38 2011 UTC
 18. laitaine                     6.75     Wed Dec 28 07:36:38 2011 UTC
 19. foxfirefey                     63     Fri Dec 23 11:39:47 2011 UTC
 20. chagrined                       1     Wed Dec 14 17:05:14 2011 UTC
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People may have noticed that the Bugzilla form has simplifed again! i went through and disabled all the fields we aren't using that Bugzilla would let me disable, and simplified the ones that couldn't.

* Fields no longer visible: Target Milestone and QA Contact, since we aren't using them

* Flags no longer visible: blocking-launch (we've passed launch) and Upstream

* "Version" is a required field, but I removed 0.1 and 0.5 under the DW Development product, leaving only 1.0 and Unspecified. (I'd disable 1.0 and make it just be Unspecified, but that'd require a lot of bug editing, since bugs are about 50/50 split between the two. Still, don't worry about it when opening a bug.)
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Hello, all! I realized today that our code tour generator had missed a bunch of bugs being resolved, and there had been a few resolved since the last code tour, so I kicked Bugzilla until it turned up all the ones that the code tour generator wasn't picking up.

Behind the cut: 16 bugs for you to peruse. None of these will be live until the next code push.

now with actual cut. oops. )
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It's been a while since I posted a "most wanted bugs" list! This is the list of bugs that I most want to see implemented, based on either our vision for the site or on what people ask for most often.

For this version I'm leaving off most of the major features that will require lots of design decisions, heavy spec work, etc, etc -- not that those aren't wanted too, but those will require a more concerted effort.

In no particular order other than the order Bugzilla listed them for me:

Most Wanted Bugs List )


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