Apr. 18th, 2012

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This is your naggy reminder that we still want to register you for YAPC::NA and the Zero to Perl workshop in Madison in June! If you are interested, email me (denise@dreamwidth.org) to let me know. I will probably be making the first round of registrations later on in the week, and I'd like to get a feel for how many people other than me and Mark will definitely be attending.


Apr. 18th, 2012 09:07 pm
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While looking for something else tonight I wound up running the "resolved/fixed" Bugzilla query, and sometime between the last time I looked and now, we have passed 3000 fixed bugs. (3068, to be precise.) That's only bugs that were resolved with an actual change, patch, or other action, too; if you count duplicates, invalid bugs, things that were fixed-by-proxy, stuff we decided not to do after all, etc, that number goes up to 3469.

Since we started using Bugzilla for keeping track of our tasks in mid-January of 2009, that gives us a rate of approximately 1000 bugs fixed per year. I think that is pretty fucking awesome.
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...mostly because as anyone who gets all the bugzilla and/or style notifs knows, I did a lot of that this week *g*

First, preview images - I'd been doing them with Ubuntu's screenshot utility and photoshop, which is 1) really slow and 2) doesn't really adequately strip and compress images. So! Enter Screen Capture for Google Chrome, which I've been using with the 'full page' setting, and set to skip pop-ups and save straight to a temp image directory, where I can then rename the screenshots. After that, [personal profile] geekosaur and [personal profile] exor674 (with a little sideline ImageMagick input from [profile] tamouse_ helped me write this handy little shell script, to process all the pngs in the directory you run them on - it resizes them, crops them, strips color profiles, and indexes them.

I've been using it on my own machine, as I run Ubuntu, but I believe all the appropriate packages are now on the Dreamhack server, too, for server-side use.

Second, [personal profile] rb posted a handy little script for sorting properties for color themes and generating appropriate headers. I updated it to match our current formatting for files, add sorting for a few more properties, and output more verbose instructions on what to do next at the end.

This is written to be used server-side right now, with a command-line input like './newtheme.pl "Human-Readable Theme Name" user "Layout This Theme Is For" yes < inputfile' I've been running it client-side by changing line 74, 'my $filename = "$ENV{LJHOME}/temp/$layout_name-$theme_name.s2";' to 'my $filename = "temp_themes/$layout_name-$theme_name.s2";' (otherwise it tries to write to root, and That's Bad. And unnecessary)

Third, for the tiny handful of people doing S2 work on gedit (shhh, I like it, okay), I made some mods to the CSS syntax highlighting file (pastebin because the file is big). I tried to get it to make a custom S2 language, but it was being fussy about parsing it, and a lot of the .s2 files are largely CSS anyway. So this adds highlighting for S2 variables and S2 keywords! It goes in a file called CSS.lang in home/.local/usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs, which will probably not exist if you haven't made custom languages. If you're on newer versions that use GTK3, that 2.0 should be a 3.0. You may have to manually select the highlighting, for some reason it only registers the .s2 extension some of the time.


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