bathrooms over broadway

Apr. 24th, 2019 02:06 am
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Ran across this delightful documentary completely by accident. It's about the little-known world of so-called "industrial musicals," that is, fully fledged Broadway musicals that were for company executives or salespeople only. Some soundtracks and video still survive, and they are amazing to listen to. The movie goes through their discovery, then extends to meeting the people who performed in them and wrote them.

Check it out - Bathtubs Over Broadway. You'll find you can't stop humming "My Bathroom" to yourself.

Here's the trailer:

Corporate hagiographies are fantastic, especially in musical form.

River: Colleen -- Update 3

Apr. 23rd, 2019 10:35 pm
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Not much to report. She's been in a slow decline. The kids came up to visit her Saturday, and Emmy came back again yesterday. I think familiar voices cheer her up, but it's hard to tell. This afternoon she was able to blink when I asked her to, and again when I asked her to blink if she wanted a song. I sang "Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts" and "Eyes Like the Morning". "Desolation Row" a little earlier.

She could blink, but not squeeze my hand like she could yesterday. I think she's slipping away.

They tried to get her off the ventilator, but she wasn't breathing strongly enough to get the carbon dioxide out of her blood. Tomorrow they'll try again.

An unpopular opinion re Brooklyn 99

Apr. 23rd, 2019 09:50 pm
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I finished watching Season 5 on the plane over here (yes, I'm slow. I waited for it to appear on UK Netflix).

I enjoyed it; it was fun. But.... not as good as it used to be.

The first four seasons were still paying lip service to it being a cop show. Yes, a stylised and camp one, but still. In S5... well, no actual crimes are being solved. It's more of a comedy soap opera that happens to be set in a police station.

And I feel that some of their set-piece episodes have kinda played out, at this point... there are going to be two episodes at the start getting out of whatever dire situation ended the previous season. There's going to be a Doug Judy episode. There's going to be a Halloween Heist episode (although that was nicely subverted this time around). It all feels a bit much like fan service.

I don't hate it; I still enjoyed it, and I'll carry on watching to see what the next season (with new funders, I think?) is like. But it's not like it was.

Best JJBA moments of AB

Apr. 22nd, 2019 08:00 pm
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- The extremely tall Giorno at the Friday shoot (like, easily 6'6". TALL BOY)
- The older couple cosplaying Oldseph and Suzie Q at the shoot
- Honestly, most of the Friday shoot, even if it was chaos (the assigned space was waaaay too small for the number of people who showed up, so there was wrangling)
- Giving all my trash children bucellati
- Kira who organized the shoot: I just took a cookie from Abbaccio and stuffed it in my mouth without questioning or thinking
- Getting distracted like four times on our drunken wander from the Sheraton bar to video gaming by moar jojos
- Very drunk friend who has not reached part 5: *squinting at Doppio and Diavolo cosplayers we ran into* Are they the same character???
Me: ....Yes... and no. You're too drunk for me to explain. Actually I'm not sure I could even if you were sober.
- The Mista who like, clocked themselves in the face attempting to hastily salute us outside video gaming
- Finally meeting one of the other JJBA fans in my local EGL comm (who has excellent taste in characters)
- The Bruno wearing a DARE t-shirt that we ran into
- The way any conversation about JJBA just attracts more jojos fans
- Going to the Gender Bending Fashion exhibit at the MFA on Monday and just picking out what jojos character would wear what

(hopefully I'll post photos eventually but it turns out I'm very bad at selfies and didn't get any myself)
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Just checking. Does everybody know about "Wild Nights with Emily"?

And, relatedly, that a scholar applied moderning imaging technology to the erased parts of Emily Dickinson's letters to recover what they said, and uncovered that, contrary to Dickinson's dour, spinster, hermit-like reputation, she had a passionate, oh-so-carnal, life-long love affair with a Susan Dickinson nee Huntington? Who married Emily's brother expressly so that she could live next door to Emily for the rest of her life? Happily ever after?

See also: Behind the New, Gloriously Queer Emily Dickinson Movie.

(h/t [personal profile] conuly)
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Survived another Easter! Most of the really chaotic bits probably weren't visible to anyone not-us, and I legit don't think anything went wrong at Easter Vigil that we could have prevented (it was all other people making unexpected changes to things). I actually felt like I was starting to get a handle on the basic structure of the Triduum and how everything is supposed to fit together... after twenty-five years of serving and, what, seven? years co-running the joint, apparently I maybe have an idea of what I'm doing? WHO KNEW. Let's hope I'm not just Dunning-Krugering myself.

The family time was also nice. My sister's boyfriend's mum was in the UK, so she came up for the family dinner - none of us except my sister have met her before, so everyone was a little bit nervous, but she was great and it seemed like it went well. I feel like the dynamics are shifting again, a bit, as the children get older - so we can actually sit and have adult conversations now, because they don't need constant supervision in the way they did a few years ago, but they are also more, hm, intentionally disruptive? now than they were - they come demanding attention deliberately, rather than just, you know, falling over and screaming because that's what toddlers tend to do.

My not-favourite nibling (because we don't have favourites, OK) was being particularly annoying; he is just not good at consequences, and gets very upset when you e.g. raise your voice because he is in the process of forcing himself bodily into the lap of someone only five weeks post-hip-replacement, or has just lent on my arm for the forty-seventh time in the last half-hour despite the previous six or seven times I told him not to because it was hot and I was uncomfortable and up to that point of skin sensitivity where you're going to scream if anything touches you ONE MORE TIME ("I WASN'T touching you it was my CLOTHES" *teary face*). It upsets me, too, because I don't like it when he's sad, and I do like spending time with him. But. At this stage they don't really get that we're also fallible humans with good and bad days the same as them, and sometimes that's just hard all round!

But honestly it was much more good than it was bad, and I had good conversations with everyone, individually and collectively. The siblings WhatsApp group is really working for us, too; there's a steady trickle of discussion and random crap and it's just such a nice way of keeping in casual contact without any major investment by anyone. I hope it keeps going.


Apr. 23rd, 2019 05:24 am
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Howard Tayler (@howardtayler), 2019-01-31:

Ima go out on a limb and say that the ability create business empire where you become a billionaire does not qualify you for work as a public servant.

"But you have to be smart to do that!"
"Not just smart. You also need to be ruthless. It helps to be an actual sociopath."
"That's okay if the sociopath is on our side."
"You may be misunderstanding the implications of the word 'sociopath.'"

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  • catlike typing
  • tearing the masking tape off the webcam
  • standing on the laptop's power button to reach the masking tape
  • during a system upgrade

Lawn fun

Apr. 22nd, 2019 11:49 pm
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Last week they drained the swamp on our lawn.

Today I got out the weed whacker and saw if I remembered how to use it. I did.

Results: an arc of lawn in the approximate radius of an extension cord whacked down to a semi-standard length.

Belovedest found the nice long cord in the garage when they got home.

Utterly shameless ficlet

Apr. 22nd, 2019 08:26 pm
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Why, yes, I am that annoying person who makes yesterday was 0 and yesterday was 49 jokes every single year. It's a very important minhag.

I have also apparently gone this long and never posted a Good Omens fic???? I guess it was eaten by a cat...

Yesterday Was Zero. (271 words) by Lanna Michaels
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Pesach, Crack, Ficlet, Chad Gadya

So, there was this goat.

Vidding Linkspam April 22, 2019

Apr. 22nd, 2019 05:15 pm
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This year I decided to make a vidshow about how much I hate capitalism. (I’m not kidding.) The working, and probably actual, title is “Be Gay, Do Crimes”.  It will be vid show on queers and marginalized folk doing what they gotta to survive under capitalism/the patriarchy/etc.
Proposal to download YouTube fanvids before Europe's Article 13 takes them down
"I was thinking about each of us downloading videos, and marking them as "Safe/Downloaded" in the comments, until we find another place to put them / way to share them."
PLEASE don’t steal work from vidders.
Whether it is reuploading a video, or taking clips from their edit and passing the editing off as your own, PLEASE DON’T.  
Make things that are bad, silly, self indulgent.  
Making that silly middle school-esque fanvid was the most fun I had video editing in a while. I went to uni for media, I got graded on my editing. It can kill the fun.  Make things that are bad, silly, self indulgent. Just make things because you want to. Don’t let perfectionism kill ideas.
seekingferret: Wiscon Vids/Database Vids  
But it strikes me that vids like "Transmission" and [personal profile]eruthros's "Straightening Up the House", which got its own 7.5K creation essay, are vids that in an essential way may reflect an emerging Wiscon aesthetic that is meaningfully different from VVC-style vids. These are vids that are created by vidders fluent in the VVC house style, but they have the DNA of academic research projects in them as well. Vids are always attractive to me because of the information density they're capable of conveying, but "Transmission" and "Straightening Up the House" intentionally throw more information at you than you can absorb, while making you aware that they are doing this. The kiloword creation essay is an essential part of the art. You can simply sit back and watch "Transmission" and enjoy it, but you do so with the full awareness that you are not seeing everything the vidder has to say. I feel like that stands in confrontational opposition to the idea of Vid as Essay, which is so often essential to understanding VVC vids. 

elfwreck: Vidding 101 Begins
I picked up Sony Vegas 14 at HumbleBundle a while back, and finally got around to installing it. 
I want to make a vid. I want to make a vid I know damn well nobody else will make, so I guess I gotta learn vidding.
However, the vid I want to make is complicated and involves several sources from different eras, which I know is a pain. So first, I gotta make an easy-for-beginners vid to get used to the software.
All this Endgame excitement is really overflowing my brain with ideas for vids. But my only experience with making fanvids goes back more than a decade with a borrowed copy of DVD Shrink and Window Movie Maker on a computer that wasn't really equipped to handle either, and I always wanted something that would let me layer video in more ways that WMM would allow.  
On the plus side, this little exercise in frustration made me finally fully update my index of Vids by Song (I have 3 indexes: by Song, by Vidder, & by Fandom; the other 2 are complete, but I started the Song database later on, so I never got it fully done). Next time I get convinced I have a vid set to a certain song, I want to be able to go directly to the song itself & see! Not combing through every single vid. 

Vid songs database? 
Is there somewhere an index or rec list or database or website or something where you can search for vids by song choice rather than (in addition to) fandom or ship or vidder? 
How to make the perfect fanvid rec list - using vids from multiple streaming platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Internet Archive, Daily Motion etc).  
"Any recommendations for for newer software that might deal with files better? (I'm using Lightworks for the actual vidding)"

cupidsbow Equinox Vid Recs - Sources from the 1990s


"I'm giving you the conn, Una."

Apr. 22nd, 2019 07:37 pm
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Something neat happened during last week's Star Trek episode. Pike said to Number One, "I'm giving you the conn, Una," thereby officially canonizing Number One's given name. Previously, it had only existed in tie-in novels. One of those tie-in authors, David Mack, confirmed on Twitter that, in addition to being an obvious pun, Una is an homage to Una McCormack, their friend and fellow novelist:

David Macks tweet confirming Number Ones name is an homage to Una McCormack

["Re: Number One's name 'Una' being canonized on @startrekcbs: Pretty darned sweet! As Greg Cox Notes, I first suggested the name 'Una' (partly as an homage to our friend & peer @unamccormack), but it wouldn't have stuck had he, @daytonward & @kevindilmore not all concurred."] Go to Twitter for another few lines of backstory.

Una started out as a fic writer! She's so damned good that somebody recommended her fanfic to an editor at Pocket Books, who invited her to pitch. Her writing is a beautiful balance of the cerebral and the emotional. She's an awesome person, one of the kindest mentors and fannish community-builders I've ever met.

The fact that she's now linked to Number One, of all possible characters, is one of the coolest things that's ever happened in the history of Trek, as far as I'm concerned. My glee is very much coloured by Francesca Coppa's essay from the very first issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, Women, Star Trek, and the early development of fannish vidding, in which she positions Number One (as well as the three aspects into which she was split after the pilot episode—Majel Barrett's Voice of the Enterprise, Barrett's Nurse Chapel, and Spock) as a stand-in for female Star Trek fans:
In these two guises—Nurse Chapel and the Enterprise computer—the displaced character of Number One serves as the model for two archetypical fan positions: the woman who embodies visible desire, and the disembodied but all-controlling voice. The former is often presented as a negative fan stereotype: the groupie, the stalker, the shrieking Beatlemaniac, the "Mary Sue" who dreams herself into the story, the girl with the embarrassing public crush on a movie star. The latter, I would argue, is the voice of the vidder: the woman behind the camera, slide projector, VCR, or computer, the technological woman who controls the machine. The disembodied voice is also the voice of the slash writer (who writes about bodies not her own) or the omniscient and controlling fan artist who takes control of the protagonists' images and bends them to her will. But most fan works seek to unite the analytical mind and the desiring body in order to create a total female subjectivity.
Female fans have always been so central to Star Trek—a woman greenlit it; women resurrected it from cancellation; women ran the first cons; printed the zines; kept the fandom alive for fifty years. How cool, how fitting, is it that a brilliant fan writer who actually got to steer the ship is now honoured as part of the mythology of Star Trek's original woman?

Busy busy busy!

Apr. 22nd, 2019 06:15 pm
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The shiny new shoes of my last post got their first Work Trial. Six hours before my feet started to hurt and I switched to rubber not!crocs for the last two. Excellent day, I have to say. Usually I can't go more than three or four hours before the pain gets limp-inducing. Currently my feet hurt, but it's posture/stance shift hurt, not knives-in-feet hurt.

Work was by and large a great deal of fun today. Had a whole passel of people out in the green playing with the atlatls, including one little girl who couldn't have been more than three. She managed to "throw" (with my hand on the thrower XD ) about four feet and was Very Excited. Even managed to sell one thrower and several darts to a gentleman who thinks his Boy Scouts will have a grand time with them. I love getting people to play with those. Easy to learn, hard to master, but even highly unathletic people (IT ME.) can get the basics of it quickly.

Lots of families out, way more than I expected. Had to blow the whistle and gesture two little kids off the burial mound late in the afternoon, but they went quick as soon as they realized I was pointing at them. (I've got one of those "OUT OF THE POOL" lifeguard-style whistles. Niiiiiiiiiiiice and loud.)

Lovely German family visited today, who thought it was either very amusing or very endearing that I knew a whole seven or eight words/phrases in German. XD (Although I don't know "I don't speak German, I'm sorry", so I should probably learn that.) They did appreciate me doing a quick google to convert feet to meters for them. A quarter-mile meant nothing, but 410 meters was impressive. XD

On the other hand, had a group of three women I just had this feeling about once they left the gift shop. So I took a walk out there and yep, caught them starting to pray inside the effigy mound boundaries. The way they bolted up and jumped out of the boundaries when I shouted to them just proved that they knew they were doing something wrong.

No, I don't care how spiritual a place you feel it is, rules are DO NOT WALK ON THE MOUNDS. Whatever goddess you're wanting to invoke will understand, believe me. Pray near the mounds, beside the mounds, around the mounds, whatever! But DO NOT WALK ON THE MOUNDS.
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Content notes: We're going to discuss a couple of media portrayals of suicide, as well as the suicidal ideation I'm seeing out there in fandom, and similar thoughts I have experienced in the course of my own bipolar depression. I'm not used to discussing anything this raw, so, here's hoping we do okay with this. Please take care of yourselves.

Oh, and spoilers for The Magicians.

I'm going to try to write this out of love as well as anger.

Read more... )
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Sometimes people make suggestions that would be really helpful if the people involved weren't hella toxic and that's all I'll say in an unlocked post, so instead of that I'm going to talk about the fact that I want some damn sheening fountain pen ink and a new TWSBI Eco to use it with.

Goulet Pens TWSBI Eco Collection

I'm thinking of getting this set of sample inks to see what I like best before I commit to a bottle.

Also, I'm in need of a storage tray for my pens soon. Uh. Whoops.

In an entirely un-relevant to fountain pens link, I got this from a Facebook friend, and I do love me some food-related links. If it's food and history-related, so much the better. This one is about the history of sugar in Chinese cuisine (and includes several recipes):

Sugar: An Ancient Culinary and Medical Commodity by Jacqueline M. Newman


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