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bugilla scrub part 3: unleashed orangutan of bugzilla scrub

i've now been through the entire buglist at least once. (i will be starting the second pass shortly, so there'll be more work forthcoming, but still.)

things you may need to know:

* in an effort to clean up the assigned-but-not-being-worked-on stuff, i unassigned anything that had been assigned for more than 18 months without any activity. i did my best to not unassign anything that could only be handled by the person assigned to it, or anything that was older but waiting for an answer from somebody or blocked on an unresolved bug, but i know i made at least one mistake! so, if i unassigned a bug from you, but i shouldn't have (either because you're actively working on it, you have code written but are blocked on an answer from somebody, or you literally are the only person who can work on that for whatever reason) please do assign it back to you and set it back to IN_PROGRESS.

* i tried to catch any unanswered questions or unresolved issues as i was going through and either answer them myself or point the person who could answer it at the bug. i may have missed something, though, so if you're still waiting on something, holler.

* there were a few cases of "major work has been done on the bug, but there are some things still outstanding". i generally closed those, with a note to open a new bug for any work that still needs to be done. i opened a few of them myself where i could identify what needed to be done, but if i resolved a bug of yours like that, please check to see if i included the "open a new bug" note and open bugs for anything that still needs to be done. if you disagree that the majority of the work has already been done, you can go ahead and reopen (there was at least one instance of that, too).

* i closed a shitpot (that's a technical term) of bugs as "on second thought, i don't think we need to spend time on this". if you disagree on any of those and would like to appeal, email me.

side note: going by the periodic bug counts i post to my journal, the number of open bugs is now lower than it has been since august of 2011 \o/
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LOLLL bothe Freudian & apropos!
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How often did you say "Ook" during that pass?