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So, if you're looking to test/develop with the beta journal jquery or the upcoming update page, you are going to need to set the BETA_FEATURES hash in your hack like so:

        "journaljquery" => {
            start_time  => 0,
            end_time    => "Inf",
        "updatepage" => {
            start_time => 0,
            end_time => "Inf",

You can then turn things on/off for individual accounts at: [YOUR_HACK_URL]/betafeatures
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We just released a beta-test of the jQuery implementation on journals. You can turn it on by going to the Dreamwidth Beta page.

You can test even if you're not a dev-type, but please don't spread this link around too widely just yet. There's still a lot left unimplemented (most notably quick reply), and until the most widely-used user-facing bits are done, it's going to seem pretty broken.

(I'd rather not have random people who don't see the warning in this entry come away with the impression that we all just broke / are planning to break Dreamwidth).

When things are ready to go public, we will be setting up a public beta procedure, and post in the appropriate locations. For now, please if you go turn on beta, expect only comment moderation and deletion to work :)

You'll probably want to save the link so you can go turn it off at will.

For developers, I've put up on the wiki some instructions for putting future features in beta.

There's a lot of ways to set up code in jQuery; here are some things that have been working for me. Putting up for discussion; I'd like to start setting up guidelines to make it easier to get started quickly, soon.
thoughts on standardizing jQuery implementation )


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