Mar. 6th, 2013

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it's been a while since we've done a bugzilla cleanup! someone mentioned that it's difficult to find bugs to work on, and i think the high number of open bugs has a lot to do with that, so i'm declaring spring cleaning on the bug list.

there are currently 14 public bugs that are CONFIRMED and assigned to someone other than if you are the assignee for any of them, please either:

(a) set the status to IN_PROGRESS, indicating that you are still working on it or planning on working on it in the near future, or
(b) set the assignee back to so somebody else can pick it up!

there are also currently 199 public bugs IN_PROGRESS. please take a look and see if you have any bugs assigned to you with a status of IN_PROGRESS! if you do, and you aren't planning on working on them, please:

(1) set the status back to CONFIRMED, and
(2) set the assignee back to!

remember: there is absolutely no shame at all to deciding that you don't want to work on a particular bug anymore. (there are a few bugs i've picked up and dropped three or four times each!) it is perfectly okay to drop a bug that you aren't as interested in as you thought you were. it's not a failure in any way, and you may be doing another developer a favor when they decide the bug looks interesting!

we're going to be working on clearing out bugs that are no longer applicable, have been resolved-by-proxy, or have been open so long that we've changed our minds about needing them due to other things happening, but in the meantime, if you spot any of those, drop me a line so i can deal with 'em.


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