Feb. 20th, 2016

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There are certain pages that are unreadable in parts in Chrome on Android, including anything in format=light or more importantly site style. Mobile Chrome has a "feature" called font boost, where any paragraph over a certain length gets enlarged, leaving the rest of the site too small to read. This frequently applies, for example, to a journal post with comments. This is a problem. It applies both to any link from www.dreamwidth.org/mobile/read, and also to following a link from an email notification to a journal post where someone has chosen to display journal entries in site style, which is something I like to do quite often on my phone.

Is there any good way to improve this? Stackoverflow has various hacky CSS fixes, like setting the max-height for the page to something large, but ideally we'd want to limit it to Chrome on Android rather having unintended effects in other browsers.

Is this a valid bug to log, since it makes Dreamwidth pages unreadable on Chrome on Android, or should it go via suggestions since it's mitigating for Google's broken system?


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