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Code tour, 31st December--29th February

This was in fact written on the evening of the 28th, but could I resist doing a leap-day code tour? No, no I could not. All aboard!

Issue 108: Remove references to dwscoalition.org (pull request) (nonfree pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] me-and
Description: Documentation for Dreamwidth developers (the wiki and the like) and a few other bits and bobs used to live at dwscoalition.org. They now live at dreamwidth.net, and while dwscoalition.org redirects to dreamwidth.net it's tidier to just have all the links point to the right place from the get-go! This fix tidied up the nonfree sectin of the codebase, that is, the part that has Dreamwidth logos and branding.

Issue 662: switch suggestions generator to posting admin entries with GHI links, not Bugzilla links (pull request) (nonfree pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] me-and
Description: This is behind-the-scenes work for [site community profile] dw_suggestions, and tidying up some of the loose ends from when Bugzilla died! [site community profile] dw_suggestions, if you're not familiar with it, is where you can suggest new features for Dreamwidth. To speed up the admin side of things, it used to be the case that when a suggestion was accepted a ticket would automatically be filed so the development team could get cracking; for the last *mumble* while it's been fully manual. This patch makes the process automatic again, and therefore much easier for all involved!

Issue 1362: FAQ 64 should probably mention the possibility for manually entering the rename token
Patch by: [github.com profile] azurelunatic & [github.com profile] kaberett
Description: Azz wrote the words; I slotted them in. A minor victory for clearer documentation!

Issue 1560: "0E0" is not a number of spam reports (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] kaberett
Description: Imagine you are a member of the anti-spam team. When someone closed the spam report you were looking at before you tried to close it, when you then attempted to close it you were told that "0E0" reports had been closed. 0E0 is not a number: now you get told that 0 reports were closed, instead, which is on the whole a little less baffling.

Issue 1620: dwscoalition.org deprecated (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] srukle
Description: Like the first issue reported in this particular code tour road trip, only in the free (anyone-can-reuse-it, broadly) portion of the code!

Issue 1634: QR uses wrong dimensions for non-square default icons on initial load (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] sgsabbage
Description: [personal profile] sgsabbage is rapidly, much to his horror, becoming the local expert on Quick*Reply (where the * is a wildcard that can be nothing, or -er, or -est, or possibly -sand -- the Quick*Reply suite of functionality is the stuff that lets you comment from an entry page, or your reading page, or whatever, without loading the ?mode=reply page): this fix made it so the Quick*Reply form doesn't assume the dimensions of your default icon and therefore doesn't load something the wrong shape and size when you try to make a reply. Thus Dreamwidth becomes a little bit prettier!

Issue 1644: support notification (plain-text, at least) emails missing the [[sitename]] var (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] hotlevel4
Description: The notification e-mails that Dreamwidth fires off are composed of lots of itty bits of text all cut-and-pasted together as appropriate. Together these little itty bits and the system that cobbles them into an unholy whole are referred to in hushed tones as ESN (for -- say it quietly -- Events-Subscriptions-Notifications). One of the things that you can do to avoid making the itty bits even bittier is to stick in [[variables]]: anything in double square brackets, ESN will look for what ought to live there and slot it in, rather than have you break the sentence up into three different pieces. But in Support notification e-mails, [[sitename]] existed in the text but nobody was telling ESN what should be slotted in, leading to e-mails that said "A follow-up to the following support request has been submitted:" instead of "A follow-up to the following Dreamwidth support request has been submitted:". Once again the world is made a little tidier.

Issue 1656: entry title on post-update success landing page does not interpret HTML (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] kareila
Description: ... which meant that the entry success landing page would tell you things like "Your entry was posted with the subject: You're all <i>fantastic</i> &lt;3" instead of "Your entry was posted with the subject: You're all fantastic <3", which was misleading (the HTML had worked just fine!) as well as Not Pretty. Dreamwidth is now Prettier and More Accurate. This is A Good.

Issue 1671: Beta update time weirdness: 23:30 (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] sgsabbage
Description: Oh wow there are so many perplexing things going on with how timestamps are calculated. (Remember the one where multiplying minutes by 10 meant that posts made at 12:03 would show up as 12:30, and post made at 12:09 would show up at 13:30? Yeah, that was a thing.) Far from being endlessly perplexed by what the dickens was happening (as he was in his first code tour, which reported this bug), [personal profile] sgsabbage... diagnosed and fixed it. What was happening, right, was that if you tried updating between 23:30 and 00:00, the timestamp would get stuck at 23:30. The fix involves hand-coding in the number of minutes in the day, minus one. I don't even slightly understand it and nor, apparently, does anyone apart from sgsabbage, but it works so that's alright, then.

Issue 1672: Whitelist embeds from codepen.io (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] cesy
Description: Now you can embed code snippets from the site codepen.io!

Issue 1688: Posting to a moderated comm gives landing page with missing subject (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] me-and
Description: ... at some point we introduced a bug such that posting an entry to a moderated community gave you some, but not all, of the entry success landing page. Specifically, it gave you "This entry has been posted with the subject: " and nothing else, which was a little baffling, and that only if you were using the beta version of the Create Entries page. It... really wasn't supposed to. So now it doesn't! (What it was supposed to do for unmoderated communities is a story for another day, to be told once somebody's checked that the code I've written actually, er, works.)

10 total issues resolved
Contributors: [github.com profile] cesy, [github.com profile] hotlevel4, [github.com profile] kaberett, [github.com profile] kareila, [github.com profile] me-and, [github.com profile] sgsabbage, [github.com profile] srukle.

PS quick reminder that if you'd be interested in attending (in person or telecommuting) a Dreamwidth contributor event in May (at the last one we wrote a lot of patches, found a lot of problems, updated a lot of documentation -- both for developers and the main Dreamwidth FAQ -- and answered a lot of Support requests) please do fill out the poll!

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