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Code tour, 11 Mar - 10 June 2014

This code tour covers 11 March - 10 June 2014. I've constructed it manually, so I apologize if I missed anything or if the descriptions aren't as clear as they usually would be!

Some of these reference bug numbers in the old bug tracking database, while some refer to the new one.

Issue #: Former bug 5265: Check if $u is defined first
Fix by: [personal profile] fu
Description: Under some circumstances, a logged-out viewer loading the Account Settings page to set their preferences would get an error message. This is because the code was checking whether to show a particular setting in such a way that it expected there to be a logged-in user, and when there wasn't a logged-in user, it didn't know what to do! Now the check is a bit more robust.

Issue #: Former bug 5265: Print authas menu when we've passed in option to selectonly
Fix by: [personal profile] fu
Description: The "authas" menu is the thing that lets you work as a community you have admin powers over (to change settings, etc). Under some circumstances it wasn't being shown where it should have been.

Issue #: Former bug 5333: Respect cut text in the inbox on the homepage
Fix by: [personal profile] fu
Description: When viewing the Inbox module on the logged-in home page, notifications containing entry text didn't respect cut tags when they should have. Now they do.

Issue #: Former bug 4905: Clean up obsolete code for thread expanding
Fix by: [personal profile] fu
Description: This code was part of last year's massive cleanup effort to consolidate site-skinned comment pages and journal-skinned comment pages into a single pathway. Now that they've been consolidated, we don't need the old way of doing this anymore.

Issue #: Former bug 2165: Revamp community posting options
Fix by: [personal profile] fu
Description: Okay, bear with me, this one's a bit hard to explain. Previously, if you had your community posting set to 'select members', gave some people posting access but not others, then switched the community posting setting to 'all members', people who joined the community after that point would have posting access but people who'd already been members of the comm, and didn't have posting access before the switch, would not. Now, when you switch from 'select members' to 'all members', all members of the community can post. There's also a new option when 'select members' is set, to determine if new members can or can't post by default. There will be more about this in the news post I am writing in the other text editor window. :)

Issue #: Former bug 5191: can make entries with slug URLs sticky
Fix by: [personal profile] fhocutt
Description: The "sticky entry" option didn't know about "slug URLs" (the thing in the new update page where you can specify what the URL of a post should be instead of just random-looking numbers). So, if you pasted in a slug URL, it couldn't find it for the sticky. Now it can!

Issue 658: Improve accessibility on landing page for screened comments
Fix by: [personal profile] fhocutt
Description: The text you'd get when posting a comment that was screened (by the journal owner's settings) was written with bad link text: it had a case of "see your screened comment [here]", where 'here' was the link. That's bad for screenreader accessibility, because screenreaders have the ability to pull out and read only the links on the page, and a list of links all labeled 'here' doesn't do anyone much good. We made the message much clearer.

Issue 668: Change 'state' to 'states/regions/territories' for all countries when editing profile
Fix by: [personal profile] fhocutt
Description: Someone pointed out that the code was doing something weird with when it labelled things 'states', and when it labelled them 'states/regions/territories'. Rather than try to keep any kind of list of what countries have states and what don't, we just labeled them all "states/regions/territories".

Issue 667: Add as embed source
Fix by: [personal profile] hotlevel4
Description: This lets people embed widgets from

Issue 663: migrate in-repository documentation to point to GHI instead of Bugzilla
Fix by: [personal profile] darael
Description: This is an administrative bug: when we decided to switch to using Github Issues instead of bringing Bugzilla back to life, we needed to change a bunch of pointers in the code, the instructions, and the documentation. Done! (And [personal profile] darael deserves a thank you for going out of his way to find all the things when all I did when opening the bug was essentially say "meh, I dunno, fix it".)

Issue 691: Hide 'track thread' icon from free users in comments
Fix by: [personal profile] hotlevel4
Description: As part of last code push's redo of the tracking system, we accidentally introduced a bug in which free users were shown the option to track comments in individual threads (as opposed to on a post as a whole) despite that being a paid-only tracking option. This fixes it so that option is no longer shown incorrectly.

Issue 661: allow people with siteadmin priv to PM unconfirmed accounts
Fix by: [personal profile] hotlevel4
Description: Until you confirm your email address, you can't receive PMs. This is a good thing! But occasionally we run into situations where someone accidentally registers with someone else's email address, not maliciously but due to typos or genuine confusion. When the owner of the email address contacts us, we have no way to contact the person who made the account, since we don't know their actual address. So, letting site admins PM someone with an unconfirmed account will at least give a fighting chance of getting in touch with them.

Issue 672: Respect 12 hour time preference in site scheme
Fix by: [personal profile] hotlevel4
Description: Viewing your own journal entries in the site skin would display the date and time in 24 hour time all the time, even if you'd chosen 12-hour time in your preferences. Now it will actually listen to you.

Issue 711: Fix icon/crosspost components not showing up in latest chrome
Fix by: [personal profile] fu
Description: Chrome had an update, and all of a sudden people were telling us they couldn't see the icon selection and crosspost selection options in the new update page beta. Turns out that Chrome changed how their autocomplete worked, which made our update page think that someone was trying to use the "post as other user" option on the update page, and therefore we were helpfully hiding the icon selection and crosspost boxes (since they're account specific and if you're working as another user you shouldn't see them). For bonus points, [personal profile] fu fixed another small usability glitch while she was there.

Issue 675, 676, 678: add,, and as embed sources
Fix by: [personal profile] darael
Description: ...pretty much exactly what it says on the tin!

Issue 721: Move Tabula Rasa-based layers into their own s2layers.dat
Fix by:
[personal profile] afuna
Description: Many of our styles are descended from a single 'parent' style, called Tabula Rasa, to make it easier for us to update styles with new features and changes. Some of them are their own thing, though. We have so many styles now that it's starting to get a little hard to remember which styles are children of TR and which are their own thing, so this separates them more clearly.

Issue 727: handle deeply-nested comment threads
Fix by: [personal profile] fu
Description: Fixes a bug with the changes made to S2 to get rid of the recursion error in deeply nested threads.
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