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Captain's Log^W^W Code Tour, supplemental: 6, 7, and a bit of 8 January 2013

A few more things that made it into last night's code push:

Bug 4796: Profile location says "Access Only" when it's displaying as "everyone"
Category: Misc UI/Frontend
Patch by: [personal profile] fu
Description: A stealthy mismatch of what the back end expected and what the selection dropdown offered meant that the profile location security information displayed wrongly when viewing the profile.

Bug 4690: Librarian's Dream: fix module heading links colors
Category: Style System
Patch by: [personal profile] ninetyd
Description: Readable links are always a good thing.

Bug 4816: random icon button broke in Create Entries beta
Category: Journal contents
Patch by: [personal profile] fu
Description: It's always reassuring when we find something broken in the code push immediately, because then we're not waiting for the other shoe to drop for weeks. This was it! The code push broke the random icon button for the new update page, and it was quickly fixed.