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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_dev2012-12-02 10:33 am
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Supplemental code tour

After [personal profile] swaldman did the code tour of things to be included in last night's push, we had a few additional patches committed. So, consider this the Supplemental Code Tour.

Most of these are live (with the exception of the two payments-related bugs I sweet-talked Mark into doing last night while he was on a coding roll).

Bug 4743: change comment screening translation string
Category: Misc UI/Frontend
Patch by: [staff profile] denise
Description: [personal profile] azurelunatic suggested a slight tweak to the wording on the "your comment has been screened" success message to make it clearer that the journal owner may unscreen the comment and may not unscreen the comment. Done!

Bug 4742: 2012 holiday promotion
Category: Frontend
Patch by: [personal profile] fu
Description: For the month of December, all carts get a 10% bonus on points. This was the bug to make it work!

Bug 4745: Polls break sidebar display in Tabula Rasa and children
Category: Style System
Patch by: [personal profile] ninetyd
Description: [personal profile] ninetyd found a missing </div> tag causing display weirdness when an entry contained a poll. Fortunately, it has been fixed!

Bug 4711: "Comment just posted" text doesn't show up on s2 pages
Category: Journal contents
Patch by: [personal profile] momijizukamori
Description: S2-based comment pages (which, if you have the new "site-styled comment pages generated through S2" beta enabled, is all of them) were missing the bit of code that pops the "comment just posted" label on, well, comments you just posted. This fixes it.

Bug 4663: needs to not make changes without -r flag
Category: Misc Backend
Patch by: [personal profile] exor674
Description: Our Queen of the Backend (...that sounds entirely too dirty, omg) made some changes to the script that's run every time the site is updated, to prevent database updates from actually being made before the person running the script can preview what changes will be made and confirm them.

Bug 4746: Database & Summertime: fix alignment in Full Reply box
Category: Style System
Suggested by: [personal profile] thomasneo
Patch by: [personal profile] ninetyd
Description: This started out as a suggestion, but proved to be actually a bug! It corrects the label in the reply form so that the [ brackets ] around items don't accidentally spill onto a new line.

Bug 4728: Paper Me: custom icons page is turned on by default
Category: Style System
Patch by: [personal profile] ninetyd
Description: We're not quite ready to turn on journal-styled icon pages yet, but one of the styles that went live recently had it turned on by default by accident. Oops.

Bug 4615: New Style: Summertime by ninetydegrees
Category: Style System
Patch by: [personal profile] ninetyd
Description: This bug adds a new style, with several themes.

Bug 4024: Deleted account notification: show account name in message body
Category: Inbox/Notifications
Patch by: [personal profile] swaldman
Description: Changes to the notification emails sent when an account is deleted, to make it clear which account was just deleted, will hopefully help avoid more "OH SHIT" moments for people with multiple accounts and communities.

Bug 4471: Use something besides 'blobcache' for dbnotes in
Category: Misc Backend
Patch by: [personal profile] exor674
Description: This changes the database update script to improve the way certain bits of information is stored for future reference.

Bug 4752: esn-filter-subs needs to be optimized
Category: Inbox/Notifications
Patch by: [staff profile] mark
Description: To quote Mark's comments on the bug: "I don't always optimize my databases, but when I do, I save 1000 queries per second in 30 minutes of work." Mark noticed that this one query was being horribly inefficient, and we hadn't noticed because load hadn't gotten to the point where it created enough queries per second for us to spot as it being a problem. But, eventually enough people subscribed to notifications of "all comments" in [community profile] bakerstreet (thanks, guys!) for the inefficiencies to make themselves known, and Mark was able to optimize the codepath so the database will be less unhappy.

Bug 4155: "cash in" paid time for points
Category: Payments
Patch by: [staff profile] mark
Description: This will let people turn unused paid time on their accounts back into points, with certain restrictions to avoid letting people game the system. (Before everybody gets excited, this is one of the ones that isn't live yet. Stay tuned.)

Bug 4283: log order # for paid time bought as a gift into history account being paid for (statushistory or admin payment tools)
Category: Payments
Patch by: [staff profile] mark
Description: When you buy paid time as a gift for another account, the admin tools we have available will only let us look up that order from your account, not from the account that received the time. This logs some more information about gift orders, to make it easier for me to look up those orders through the admin tools in the event of a problem.
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[personal profile] goodbyebird 2012-12-02 06:17 pm (UTC)(link)
This is some good stuff! I doff my hat to you all <3

Also assuming there will be a newsletter soon due to the 10% points thing *g*
(I look forward to your newsletters a whole lot, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it!)
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[personal profile] goodbyebird 2012-12-02 09:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Um, you might want to take a second look at the bonus thing? I just bought 200 points, so then I should have 220, right?