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Code tour, 26th May--18th June

All of these will be going live in tonight's code push!

Issue 1703: icon page includes (Default) in alt text for ALL icons (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] pinterface
Description: ... which was a pity, because you do actually only have one default icon! Alt text is the thing that shows up if an image doesn't load, and is particularly useful as descriptive text for people who use screen readers; it's nice if it doesn't actually lie. "(Default)" now appears in the alt text only for the icon for which it is true.

Issue 1599: Clarity & consistency when joining moderated-membership communities (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] cesy
Description: Some communities have moderated membership: you have to be invited, or have a join request approved, in order to become a community member. So let's say that you're invited to a community: you get the choice to accept or decline the invitation. But let's say that you're wanting to double-check what the community is for, or about, or what have you, so you click through to look at the profile or entries... and then click "Join" from the hover menu. At this point, nothing obvious happens... except that you've sent a join request, which a community administrator can subsequently approve, even if you've already gone back and accepted the invitation. Which is... inelegant. AND NOW [personal profile] cesy HAS FIXED IT FOR ME, such that the contextual hover menu now displays "Accept" rather than "Join" if you've got an invitation, and everything Just Works.

Issue 1737: Should we add an LJ::dhtml function? (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] kaberett
Description: This is some behind-the-scenes stuff: there already exists a function LJ::ehtml, which replaces characters like & and < and > with their HTML entity equivalents, &amp; and &lt; and &gt;, which makes the site safer to browse -- it makes it much more difficult to inject arbitrary code that'll actually run. However, in some places it's then useful to be able to decode those entities again. The codebase used a mix of the Perl functions HTML::Entities::decode and HTML::Entities::decode_entities, which are identical in effect but differently named, which was (a) untidy and (b) going to be a hassle to maintain if Dreamwidth ever wanted to change how it was doing the decoding. Adding LJ::dhtml improves consistency, means you only have to edit code in one place going forward if something better shows up, and lays the groundwork for me to fix the bug where if you had a conversation using Dreamwidth Private Messages, and used any kind of special character in the subject line (like, for example, an apostrophe. or an ampersand. or saying <3 to someone.) you'd end up with an endlessly nested string of &amp;amp;amp;amp;... as the initial entity got escaped to, say, <3, and all subsequent replies escaped the leading &. WATCH THIS SPACE, okay.

Issue 1797: Swirly D icon should be in dw-nonfree (pull request) (nonfree pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] cesy
Description: Dreamwidth's codebase is a thing of two wildly unequal halves! The vast majority of it is free to re/use, under the terms of Perl itself (Perl being the programming language that Dreamwidth is -- mostly -- written in); the much smaller not-actually-strictly-a-half is largely Dreamwidth-specific branding, like the various site logos. It's historically been the case that when a Dreamwidth link was shared on Facebook, an icon would be picked to be displayed as the preview image, which was very rarely appropriate (not least because icons, at 100x100px, got magnified enough to look grainy and kinda awful); a recent change made it so that a Dreamwidth logo would by default be displayed as the preview image instead, buuuut put the logo in dw-free rather than dw-nonfree, where it belonged. This moves it over!

Issue 1798: accessibility issue with inherited LJ subject icons (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] pinterface
Description: Specifically, if you ask for "More options..." when posting a comment, you can pick an icon to put in the subjet line. It was pointed out that one of these icons violated Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, in that it had more than three flashes per second, which can be a trigger for neurological issues. The icon's now been slowed down and remastered by pinterface and looks much better, in addition to meeting the WCAG.

Issue 1804: raise icon file size limit to 60K (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] kareila
Description: Does what it says on the tin! As of Saturday evening's code push, the file size limit on icons will be increased from 40K to 60K: have fun using the extra space :-)

Issue 1808: Move the inbox's expando activation event to the link (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] pinterface
Description: ... iiiiiiiiiit's a good idea if you can use the Dreamwidth Inbox if you're using a keyboard rather than a mouse to navigate. That's been tidied up.

Issue 1810: remove vcard-related pages and code (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] kareila
Description: ... because they were never used to the extent that [staff profile] denise (among others) had forgotten what they were even for. That's... code that doesn't need to be hanging around becoming more and more forgotten and unmaintainable. ([staff profile] karzilla clarifies that "They are a standard XML-based format for communicating a set of contact information suitable for importing into a contact management program such as Outlook or Apple's Address Book." Which is nice! But also, as best anyone could tell, nobody was using them.)

8 total issues resolved
Contributors: [github.com profile] cesy, [github.com profile] kaberett, [github.com profile] kareila, [github.com profile] pinterface

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