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Code tour, 31st March--11th April

... well I meant to get this code tour together before the code push went live, but I totally didn't.

AND THEN, right, this unruly rabble of devs, would you believe it, wrote more fixes post-push. RUDE.

Which is to say, this code tour is getting separated out into fixes that are live on the site, and fixes that will be going into the next push...

... and, of course, a warm welcome to [github.com profile] dteklavya, whose first patch (I think!) is in this code tour!

Issue 1299: Inconsistent userpic height on beta update page causes UI bouncing with random icons (pull request)
Category: New Post Entry Page
Patch by: [github.com profile] chrisboyle
Description: So. Let's say that you've opted into the beta version of the Create Entries page. Let's say that you like hitting "random" to select the icon you'll post with, probably more than once. Let's also say that not all of your icons are 100x100 pixels: no, indeed not, you have an exciting variety of sizes of icon! Which is great, and all, but it did unfortunately mean that the user interface would bounce around as the icon selector dynamically adjusted to the height of the icon currently chosen. This was unsightly and distracting, and now it doesn't: all your boxes are a constant size. Congratulations.

Issue 1367: need some admin way to break rename redirect while freeing up redirected username for immediate re-use (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] kareila
Description: ... I kind of want to draw you a diagram for this one, okay, BUT the slightly abbreviated version (the longer version was written by [staff profile] denise and is very clear, if you're interested) is: say someone's renaming an account. Say they accidentally check the "redirect my old username to my new username" option during the rename process. The old username was then locked up forever, and could never be renamed to, which was super awkward (1) if the renaming process had been set in motion because the user had a third account they wanted to rename to the old username of their first account, and (2) if they'd renamed to free up the username for someone else to use. What this fix does is make it possible -- as a site admin -- to undo that accidental option-checking, so that unintentional redirects can be broken and usernames can be reused!

Issue 1467: Broken link on /site/opensource (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] dteklavya
Description: Theeeeere was a broken link. That's slightly embarrassing. Now there isn't.

Issue 1574: Whitelist embeds from vid.me (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] cesy
Description: You can now embed media from vid.me!

Issue 1643: Punctuation marks in comment subjects are converted to HTML entities when replying by email (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] kareila
Description: It is, on the whole, quite nice if you don't end up with subject lines like Re: [...] so I don't go more [...], when what's actually wanted is for that mess of text to be, er, an apostrophe. This makes it so punctuation marks stay punctuation marks when you reply by e-mail to comment threads that have a subject.

Issue 1689: Reading filters should work for mobile view (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] kareila
Description: The mobile view of the Reading page is something Dreamwidth inherited from LiveJournal; for Reasons Various, it wasn't possible to filter the mobile view using subscription filters. Now it is, for happier browsing!

Issue 1725: Update LiveJournal.pm comments (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] azurelunatic
Description: Code comments are designed to help humans understand what code does, or more frequently why it does it that way. It's sort of like passing notes in class, except that sometimes the note got written fifteen years ago by someone you... are not exactly best friends with, and they were being rude about your mates. I spotted an instance of hostile language a few weeks ago; several folk have now searched the codebase for related terms, found them, and Got Rid Of Them -- which makes working on Dreamwidth code all round more pleasant and welcoming.

Issue 1726: Ablism patrol in comments (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] azurelunatic
Description: ... sometimes the notes are folded up into paper planes and launched into the back of your head. Repeatedly. Azz has done sterling work clearing up the mess.

Issue 1727: Specify that no, you can't reply to an email about a PM and have it go through
Patch by: [personal profile] kaberett
Description: This was a FAQ update! People quite reasonably expected that if you could reply to comments by e-mail, you'd also be able to reply to PMs by e-mail, but... you can't. This came up often enough that it made sense to add it to the FAQs, so added to the FAQs it duly has been, with a note to remove those paragraphs when reply-to-PMs-by-email has actually been implemented. (It's on the list!)

Issue 1734: Crossposter failing to correctly handle un/checking the Disable Auto-Formatting option (old Create Entries, HTML editor) (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] kareila
Description: Sooooooo if you use the HTML editor on the non-beta Create Entries page, and you accidentally checked the "Disable Auto-Formatting" box, and you then crossposted a bunch of entries, and the formatting wasn't what you expected... then when you realised, you could go back through all your entries on Dreamwidth and edit each individually to uncheck the box. Whereupon you'd check that the edits had crossposted successfully, and find that they... hadn't. Which was, and this is the technical term, A Pity. What was going on, right, was that unchecking the box set the associated value to "undefined", which didn't get propagated over to LJ, which meant that everything ended up sort of... unfortunate. Via the good offices and investigation work of [github.com profile] kareila, you can now edit this kind of cross-posted entry and actually have the edits cross-post too, which is -- technical term again, here -- An Improvement.

Issue 1741: Release 1.28 (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] kareila
Description: This weekend's codepush was a little... more fraught than ideal, in that several problems crept in while nobody was looking. In order to fix them a bunch of little tweaks got made to the live site; this patch includes all of them, and adds them to the codebase that developers use.

... and here begins the list of fixes that'll go live next time...

Issue 1208: /manage/circle/editfilters doesn't doublecheck that accounts are still trusted at time of saving, only time of loading (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] chrisboyle
Description: ... it's a really good idea not to silently grant access to someone by, er, adding them to an access filter, if you've actually revoked their access in another window since starting to edit your access filters. Was... that too twisty? In any case: as of the next code push, when you go to edit access filters the page will check that everyone in an access filter actually has access from you at the point at which you save your changes, not just when you first load the page!

Issue 1622: AJAX quick* reply when you can't comment is unsubmittable (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] chrisboyle
Description: Quick*Reply is the set of code that lets you respond to posts from your Reading or Journal page, or an entry page, without having to go to the full ?mode=reply form. Current behaviour is that if to pick an oddly specific example totally at random you're logged in as an OpenID account that doesn't have a verified e-mail address, the Quick*Reply form opens up, and you type in it, and then when you hit post comment - but only when you hit post comment - you get an error message. This fix makes that error message/warning come up the moment you open up the Quick*Reply form, so you don't waste time lovingly crafting a comment that you won't then be able to post.

13 total issues resolved
Contributors: [github.com profile] azurelunatic, [github.com profile] cesy, [github.com profile] chrisboyle, [github.com profile] dteklavya, [github.com profile] kareila

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