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Sophie ([personal profile] sophie) wrote in [site community profile] dw_dev2015-06-27 09:24 pm
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Dreamhacks: Apache system-wide configuration rolled out

The new Apache system-wide configuration that I talked about a few posts ago has now been rolled out across all Dreamhacks.

The instructions with the show-apache2-config command detailed in [staff profile] mark's post are now deprecated. I have replaced the "show-apache2-config" command with a command that simply prints out the new config, so you will not lose anything by following the instructions, but they are no longer necessary.

For the two users who had changed their httpd.conf files in a manner other than through Mark's script, I've put their changes into their local httpd.conf files. I'm also adding some more lines to the system-wide httpd.conf in a new pull request since some of the changes would be useful to everybody.

You should now be able to continue 'hacking as normal. If you have any questions or something goes wrong, please leave a comment!