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Code tour: 2017-04-30

And between yesterday and today's code push, there were a few more things that got in at the last minute! As there always are.

10 total issues resolved
Contributors: [ profile] kareila, [ profile] rahaeli

All of these should be live on the site now. Whee!

Issue 1778: Link to other days from /read?date=YYYY-MM-DD (pull request)
Category: making things make sense, paid user features, I have been waiting for this for literally 7 years and I'm so excited, I totally had to pause writing the code tour to squee to my partner, features that my partner's cat does not care about
Patch by: [ profile] kareila
Description: One of the beautiful and shiny paid features is the ability to poke through one's reading page past the 14-day/1000 entry limit (which is there because retrieving all the information necessary to build the reading page is a little expensive, and it gets more so as entries aren't likely to have been accessed recently). The feature was inherited from LiveJournal, but was really hard to discover, and was hard to use, too -- you have to change the url for every date, because there was no link to the previous or next day.
There will now be a link to the previous and next day, if you're already there! It won't automatically show paid users the date view when they hit the 1000 entry/14 day limit, but there's a ticket open for that feature too.

Issue 1891: comment search needs permission check on form submit as well as form rendering (pull request)
Category: making things make sense, browser-side shenanigans
Patch by: [ profile] kareila
Description: The on-site search engine needs to check whether this user is allowed to search comments at all points of the process. Previously, it would have been theoretically possible to coax one's browser into getting that paid feature without having a paid account. (Which would not have been great for Dreamwidth, as paid features are generally things that cost a little more to do. It's a symbiosis -- paid users provide money to keep the servers running and [staff profile] denise's cats happy, and everybody helps provide the community that makes Dreamwidth a place that people want to pay for.)

Issue 1910: $STATDOCS no longer optional if using dw-nonfree? (pull request) (nonfree pull request)
Category: dev stuff
Patch by: [ profile] kareila
Description: [personal profile] momijizukamori tripped over a thing where the site headers didn't show up properly on her dev server, leading to this fix.

Issue 1985: add file hosting quota utilization to manage page (pull request)
Category: File/image hosting, user-facing tools
Patch by: [ profile] kareila
Description: If you've wondered how much file space you've been using with your baby pictures, cat pictures, or shiny tumblr reblogs, you can see that on and now. (Eep. I'd better go delete some files.)

Issue 1998: make journal title a clickable link back to the journal (pull request)
Category: making things make sense
Patch by: [ profile] kareila
Description: If you're the sort of person who gives your journal a title as well as a username (mine has been "Nearly a Prosthetic Memory" for years, in honor of one of my favorite ex-cyborgs), the title will now be clickable. It will return you to the main journal page for the user in question.

Issue 2033: using an apostrophe in an image's short description produces invalid markup
Category: File/image hosting, alt text is important
Patch by: [ profile] kareila
Description: This one is best illustrated with cat pictures. [staff profile] denise says:
If you put something containing an apostrophe (such as a possessive) in the short description/alt text of an image, the resulting code to copy and paste into your entry provokes an invalid-markup error.
title='Thea sprawling on Sarah' alt='Thea sprawls in Sarah's lap, trusting
Sarah to keep her from falling' />
The HTML cleaner thinks the second ' (in this case, the one in "Sarah's") closes out the alt attribute, and tosses out an invalid-markup error.
... Or it did, until [staff profile] karzilla fixed it.

Issue 2036: security on image cannot be set to access list on image upload page
Category: File/image hosting, this bug explains a lot of things
Patch by: [ profile] kareila
Description: This bug was making it impossible to change the security of images to be visible to the access list from the upload page. You'd have to save it from the management page instead, which was frustrating and not how it was intended to work. Now you should be able to set the security, and have it just work.

Issue 2044: Wrong link for (read more) when setting RSS feed of your journal to "Brief Summary" (pull request)
Category: outbound syndication
Patch by: [ profile] kareila
Description: The Syndication Level setting lets you control how much of your journal entries your offsite friends who may be reading your public entries on their LiveJournal friends page via syndicated accounts (or in their feed readers) can see. If it was set to "brief summary", the link back to the entry had been wrong for a while. Oops.

Issue 2060: Small change for filter option when posting an entry
Category: site text, accessibility
Patch by: [ profile] rahaeli
Description: On the non-beta page to create an entry, there's a menu to choose the security level for the entry. The text wasn't super clear to everybody for which one to pick for a custom access filter. It took a couple tries at the new wording, to get it both clearer in meaning and meeting other accessibility requirements as well.
It's very important to Dreamwidth that the site be as usable as possible for as many people, with the resources we have. Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get right. As a volunteer, I appreciate each and every person who takes the time, effort, and risk to come forward and explain how things aren't working, in the hopes that we can get it working better for everyone.

Issue 2154: Cleanup for 4/30 code push (pull request)
Category: warnings, code machetes, and such
Patch by: [ profile] kareila
Description: More little bits from [staff profile] karzilla, swinging the code machete to keep us safe from bogus warnings in the logs, unused code lurking behind the haystacks, and unneeded BML files paragliding through the picnic.

Hooray! All done!