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kaberett ([personal profile] kaberett) wrote in [site community profile] dw_dev2015-11-04 06:16 pm
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Tiny pre-contributor-weekend code tour, 1st October-4th November

A reminder: I'm hosting a contributor weekend, which you're welcome to attend remotely if London isn't convenient for you!

A welcome: this code tour features [github.com profile] fastbean-au's first contribution. Congrats!

Issue 1544: [#1544] fix package name and site name to allow to display and be pla… (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] fastbean-au
Description: [personal profile] azurelunatic broke the site. Trying to use the Rich Text Editor to post a code tour turned out not to work... if anyone with a hyphen in their github username had contributed a patch. This fixes that, and tidies up several other loose ends.

Issue 1593: three-element domains are not being checked against email address sysbans (pull request)
Patch by: [github.com profile] kareila
Description: E-mail addresses usually but not always have two-element domains (so, for example, "@dreamwidth.org", or "@gmail.com"). If an e-mail address has been banned it should be banned even if it in fact has a three-element domain: this checks that!

2 issues resolved
Contributors: [github.com profile] fastbean-au (welcome!), [github.com profile] kareila

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