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I have a bit of an apology to make.

I haven't been doing a lot lately, and I'm keenly aware of that. I could use this space to find a bunch of excuses about why this is the case, but I'm not going to do that. I'm just going to say that I apologise, and that I'm going to try to make things better. Starting now. (Actually, starting yesterday.)

Because I haven't been keeping in touch, I know I haven't been very responsive to questions and comments. I want to change this, too. As such, I want to do a redo of a previous post that I made a few years ago: What do you find difficult on a Dreamhack? I want to try to help people and fix any issues they might be having.

Also, if you have any questions or comments about the Dreamhack service in general, please do leave a comment, or send me a PM! A comment would be preferable, but I'll be glad to respond and/or help if needed regardless.
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Now that the Dreamhack machine has been upgraded, I'm looking at making things a bit easier to maintain, starting with the Apache configuration files.

[staff profile] mark has already posted instructions to update your configuration so that it will work, but ideally, that shouldn't need to be an issue - it should Just Work. And as it turns out, very few people ever modified their default Apache config files; there are very few cases where it's necessary. In fact, of the three people that have, two of them had only done so for Apache 2.4 compatibility.

It makes sense to me to have this sort of configuration change done on a global basis rather than needing each person to change their Apache config themselves. I do recognise that some people will still need to make local changes, though, so I'm going to be setting it up so that the configuration file as it is now will simply become an Include line to a central configuration file which uses environment variables (which will be in a ~/apache/conf/envvars file) to allow Apache to know where everything is.

This will also involve adding one line to the start-apache and stop-apache scripts pointing to the new envvars file.

I'll make the changes for everybody so that nobody needs to worry about how to do this. Where people have modified the defaults, I'll make sure that those changes are still in the new files. I'll also back up the old Apache configs to a ~/apache/conf/httpd.conf.2.4-backup file in case anything goes wrong.

I plan to do this change in a few days from now - if anybody has any questions or concerns, please let me know! This change does mean that nobody will need to modify their Apache config any more, so when this goes through the instructions in [staff profile] mark's post will no longer be needed, although it will still be necessary to update your code to the latest version and, if you have any branches you're working on currently, pull the latest changes from develop into those branches in order to get the code change for Apache 2.4.

If anybody needs any help, please let me know in the comments!
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Hi all,

I've now updated our Hack server to Ubuntu 14.04 and Apache 2.4 to mirror our current plans for production. This update has been a long time coming, and there were some bumps on the way. You will need to update your Hack's Apache configuration in order to start your Hack back up.

The steps for updating your configuration:

  1. Log in to your Hack
  2. Run: /dreamhack/bin/show-apache2-config > apache/conf/httpd.conf
  3. Upgrade your code to the latest (however you do that)
  4. Restart Apache (again, however you do that)

Basically, since we've now upgraded to Apache 2.4, there is a code change you need that was just landed to the develop branch about 24 hours ago. So if you're in the middle of working on some code, you'll need to rebase off of the latest develop to keep working on it.

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If you were having issues with reinstalls or database updates on the Dreamhack machine, you should be good to go now if you retry what was failing before. The code needed a new version of the Locale::Codes distribution, meaning that wouldn't work. It should work now!

(Yes, reinstalls work again; I've been meaning to announce it here for ages, but I've kept forgetting. They work now by reinstalling from your personal Git repositories; there's currently no means to automatically nuke those repositories and re-fork, so if you need to do that, let me know.)
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I have just installed Template Toolkit 2.26 on the Dreamhack machine. We were previously using 2.20, which is still installed but in such a way that the later version should take precedence.

As this is a core module for Dreamwidth, it's recommended that you restart Apache when possible. Things won't break just yet if you don't (since the old files aren't gone just yet), but according to my sources, the Dreamwidth codebase will require this new version of Template Toolkit soon, so things may break in the future.

As always, if anything breaks on the Dreamhack machine because of this change, please comment to let me know, or open a GitHub issue.

[edit 2014-12-07: Fix a typo.]
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I just updated LWPx::ParanoidAgent and Net::SSL on the Dreamhacks server - something that I've needed to do for some time. In the process about seventy bajillion other modules that they relied on needed to be updated, too (mainly to do with HTTP/SSL stuff) so the following modules (and any submodules included in their distribution) are now at their most recent (and the links given lead to the exact versions installed from CPAN):

23 different distributions in total )

As this is rather a lot of modules, some of which can be core to various things that the codebase does, you should restart your Apache if it's currently running; there may be errors otherwise. Also, it's possible that the update of these modules might somehow cause brokenness in some areas on the Dreamhacks server; please do comment here if that's the case (or open a GitHub issue).

(Please note: This only applies to brokenness on the Dreamhacks server. Nothing has changed on, so any issues there should be raised in a Support request as usual.)
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All of the information that was previously there assumed you had root on a Debian box. I've updated the page to document the steps needed to get it working for dreamhacks as well. (Until the next time things break, anyway.)



That is to say, if you try using my instructions and run into problems, let me know!
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As most people here will know, I'm the maintainer of the Dreamhacks service which allows you to have a Dreamwidth development environment quickly and easily.

Some people will also know that lately the reinstallation script hasn't been working for some time. It's been broken ever since the move to git and GitHub, and I recently put a check in there so that anybody trying to use it won't accidentally end up with an unuseable 'hack. (By the way, if anybody does have an unuseable 'hack because of this, please feel free to let me know and I'll gladly reinstall you by hand!)

Although it should be fairly easy to get the reinstaller script working again, I've been running into some issues that I'm not entirely sure how to address. If you have a Dreamhack account, please read inside the cut as this could quite possibly affect you.

My dilemma )
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$TRUST_X_HEADERS is a configuration variable you should set to true (1) if you're using proxy you control and trust (eg, perlbal), so you can retrieve the real (external) source IP address of incoming requests, instead of seeing them as coming from or the IP address your proxy/load balancer/whatever runs on. By default, it's 0, but for dreamhacks and other development hosts, that default isn't practical, so instead of making it default to 0 (with a commented-out line in etc/ to change it to 1), I would make it default to the value of $IS_DEV_SERVER if not defined, with commented-out lines in etc/ to force it to either 0 or 1.

This shouldn't affect production servers, who likely have IS_DEV_SERVER set to 0 and TRUST_X_HEADERS set to 1 already, but it might affect production servers, if any, with unexpected configurations, and the change may surprise developers who didn't set TRUST_X_HEADERS explicitely, so I'm throwing this for discussion here in case I missed some pitfalls, or if there's a way to make it better. I'm also opening a bug linking here, so whatever the outcome of the discussion is, it doesn't fall through the cracks.
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So, if you're looking to test/develop with the beta journal jquery or the upcoming update page, you are going to need to set the BETA_FEATURES hash in your hack like so:

        "journaljquery" => {
            start_time  => 0,
            end_time    => "Inf",
        "updatepage" => {
            start_time => 0,
            end_time => "Inf",

You can then turn things on/off for individual accounts at: [YOUR_HACK_URL]/betafeatures
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Heads-up: The Dreamhack server is currently down. This was unexpected, so I'm sorry for the lack of warning! SliceHost are migrating the slice that the server is on to another datacenter. The server should have come back up by now, but it hasn't, so I'm currently trying to figure out what's wrong.

I'll edit this post with more details once I know them. :)

[edit: Back up! It seems the slice wasn't running for some reason. I'm still not entirely sure why, but after kicking it back up, it's fine now. It's actually been going for some time, but I hadn't updated this until now. Sorry! Anyway, all is good now. :)]
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Hi all!

As the maintainer of the Dreamhacks service, I'm curious about how everybody's getting on with it and whether there's anything people would really like to have to make dev work easier.

For example, one thing I'm going to be working on is a way to make it easier to set up, start and stop the various auxiliary services that Dreamwidth uses, such as memcached, Gearman, and TheSchwartz. I'm hoping that this'll make it easier to work on bugs that need these services.

But I'd also really like to hear from people about the things they find most difficult when working on a Dreamhack. This can be anything - maybe our wiki's confusing or not quite up-to-date, or maybe you can't figure out the command you need to type to do something.

I want to make things as accessible as I can to everybody, new and experienced alike, so please let me know in the comments what you really wish was easier to do on a Dreamhack! I'll go through the comments later and see what I can do to help - for example, by programming a script for everybody to use on the server, editing the wiki, or simply answering a question if that's all that's needed!
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Is there a way to turn on content searching on our dreamhacks? I'm trying to test Bug 1847, and I'm getting the "Sorry, content searching is not configured on this server." error. Is there a way for me to configure this?

If not! Should I upload the patch that I think might possibly work as something for someone else to work off of if they want to do the bug, or to be reviewed, or just let it lie?
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With some versions of perl modules installed systemwide (ie, not under $LJHOME), you can get the following warning message when running bin/upgrading/
Name "Template::Namespace::Constants::BASEARGS" used only once: possible typo at /usr/lib/perl5/Template/ line 49.
You can safely ignore this message, and the update shoupd proceed normally. (If it doesn't, comment and we'll look at it closer.)
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[edit 2010-04-07, 8:12pm: Okay, things should be good to go now. I haven't yet upgraded the RAM, but we're going to see how things are in a week or so.]

Hi all,

SliceHost will be performing some maintenance on the host server where the Dreamhack box resides at 11pm CDT today, April 6. (that's 4:00am on April 7 for GMT)

It shouldn't take more than half an hour, but as with any maintenance they don't know precisely.

I'm going to see if I can take the opportunity to up the memory on the box shortly afterwards, when I wake up. So there'll probably be a period of 3-5 hours in between where the box will be up again before it goes back down for the RAM upgrade. I'll edit this post when it's all clear to use again :D


Sep. 3rd, 2009 02:21 pm
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The Dreamhack machine will be down for ~10m or so at 4AM GMT tonight for Slicehost maintenance. They claim that active state will be saved, but it's a good idea to save anything you're working on beforehand.


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