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London volunteer weekend: 16th June

I have consulted my diary and concluded this is happening on 15-17 June.

Starting from 7pm on Friday night, finishing 2pm Sunday. Remote participation encouraged - we'll be on IRC and Discord and can set up Skype if people want.

Crashspace available - spare room with a double bed, also double airbed, single airbed and sofas if people don't mind sharing or being in the living room.

I have one official parking space available, and some extra unspecified visitor parking that I've never yet seen (new flat). Unrestricted parking is a myth, but various places nearby will happily sell you a space if more than two cars are attending.

Catering details are TBD, but please let me know if you have specific preferences or requirements and I'll do my best to accommodate them. The kitchen is not nut- or gluten-free. I will include vegetarian options, and can do vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free with advance notice.

The flat is on the fourth floor with a lift that will accommodate most wheelchairs. Some of the doors are heavy or awkward. The bathroom will accommodate a small wheelchair. The path from the buzzer to my door is confusing and the building is mazelike, so I'd recommend contacting me on arrival and I'll meet you. The spare room can be used during the day as a dedicated quiet room.

No smoking; no wearing clothes that have been smoked in since they were last washed; please get anyone who's smoked or hung around chatting to smokers to do a really thorough hair-wash in advance. Please do not wear strong scents.

My address is in an access-locked post in my journal, or you can PM me or email me for it.

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