Sep. 5th, 2016

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The Dreamhack machine currently seems to be suffering from a performance issue where if you try to start your Apache, it might tell you that Apache failed to start. In reality, the Apache server *has* started, but the 'start-apache' script is timing out before Apache can report that fact.

If the last line of your Apache log file is:

NOTE: Google::Checkout::* Perl modules were not found.

then Apache has most likely started successfully. (This is a normal warning on Dreamhack machines; we haven't used the Google Checkout code for some time and thus the modules are not installed on the Dreamhack machine.) You can verify this by navigating to your Dreamhack's Web address.

We're investigating this at the moment. This might require a reboot of the Dreamhack machine in the near future; we'll post about it here if that's the case.

[edit: We're going to reboot the Dreamhack machine. I'll edit this post again when it's up.]

[edit 2: The Dreamhack machine is back up, and I've rolled out a new version of start-apache that can wait a bit longer if Apache doesn't start up immediately. It prints out a "Waiting for Apache to start" message, and then checks every second (for up to 6 seconds) whether Apache started, so it shouldn't slow things down for anybody.]


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