Simon ([personal profile] swaldman) wrote in [site community profile] dw_dev 2016-10-02 09:26 pm (UTC)

You don't actually have to do all that to have a rogue-newlines problem, although that's the way to get it from paragraph tags.

Here's a more natural use case:
1. Start writing a post in HTML mode, putting newlines where you want newlines (because that's apparently what people do)
2. After the first part of your post, you switch to RTE mode - maybe to add an image without typing the code, maybe for some other reason. You know that if you leave the box checked, your linebreaks are wiped out, so you uncheck the box. You're probably a bit irritated at having to do this every time, because the box won't remember your preference[1].
3. After adding the image you switch back to HTML mode. The linebreaks have had br tags added. Fair enough.
4. You write another section of your post, then want to add another image (or whatever). You uncheck the box and switch to the RTE. Now all the linebreaks in the first section have become *double* linebreaks.

And so forth - any workflow that involves switching back and forth gives the user a choice between losing all their linebreaks, if they leave the box checked, or producing gaps between lines that grow and grow, if they remember to uncheck it. We can't show a nice easy toggle button to switch that breaks things like this, IMHO.

[1] I'd actually argue that this is a bug in its own right - because how infuriating would it be to write a lengthy post, forget to uncheck a checkbox that keeps rechecking itself, and find that all of your text has been merged into one long paragraph, with no undo facility?

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