Simon ([personal profile] swaldman) wrote in [site community profile] dw_dev 2016-10-02 06:53 am (UTC)


However, think we have a problem with the interaction between the RTE and the "add br tags for linebreaks" functionality, and I don't think it's one that can be solved in a way that pleases absolutely everybody.

The more-elegant way that the RTE now deals with HTML that was entered in raw view means that it is now corrected and prettified, so that a round-trip HTML->RTE->HTML finishes with something different than when it started (paragraph tags are added, new lines and intents are added, and so forth).

But the system that converts newlines into < br > tags has no way to tell between meaningful newlines that were added by the user, and syntactically non-meaningful newlines that were added by the RTE the previous time around. The RTE will add < br > tags for newlines that it itself created, meaning that multiple round-trips can have really unexpected results. See this video for a demonstration:

This is A Problem IMHO, and I can't see any way of making it work intuitively for everybody with the currently desired behaviour, at least without very complex kludges. (this doesn't mean there isn't a way, just that I can't think of one)

A suggestion: Would it be acceptable to only add a < br > tag for a *double* newline, not a single one? This would require a change from those who use the auto-newlines feature (I confess I am not one of them), but it is a new behaviour that would be familiar to some from other markup languages (e.g. LaTeX, Markdown).

Line one

Line Two

would be changed to

Line one< br >
Line Two

or perhaps

Line one
< br >
Line Two

which would still be readable HTML but would remove the "already processed" double newline and avoid having it acted upon again, and I reckon (hopefully?) make multiple roundtrips between RTE and HTML modes a safe thing to do.

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