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May. 30th, 2017 08:01 am
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See here for explanation.

2.A song you like with a number in the title

huh. Could have used Red Balloons for that as well. Lots of options here, but in the interests of Something Completely Different we'll go with Take Five. I'm not sure it needs any expanation, being so famous, but it's something I've played in my university-bands days, and I think is a bit of a rite of passage for anybody doing jazz. No, my head still can't get around 5/4 very well.

good morning, it's 30 may 2017

May. 29th, 2017 11:33 pm
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The news. Sorry.

Kelly defends plan for Russia back channel as a 'good thing'
Sec. John Kelly: Intelligence Leaks Are ‘Darn Close To Treason’
Trump expresses 'total confidence' in Kushner
Dems Call for Jared Kushner to Lose Security Clearance
Jared Kushner’s Role Is Tested as Russia Case Grows
Trump's obsession over Russia probe deepens
Trump campaign likely didn’t save documents: report
Russia scandal ices government lawyer hiring

Taking apart the modern world order:
A few people make this argument: once Trump is gone & replaced by a mainstream figure (Hatch or Warren, say) norms will return. Nope.
Scoop: Trump tells confidants U.S. will quit Paris climate deal
Angela Merkel says Germany can no longer rely on Donald Trump's America: 'We Europeans must take our destiny into our own hands'

Neofascism, neo-Naziism, breakdown of civil society:
Portland Republican says party should use militia groups after racial attack
Texas Republican Called ICE on SB 4 Protesters, Threatened to Shoot Colleague
White Nationalist Who Shoved a Black Protester Blames Trump
Neo-Nazis Announce Nationwide Anti-Muslim March Just Days After Horrific Hate Crime
A U.S. citizen says her rights were violated after she was detained by immigration authorities in San Bernardino
Man arrested for machete stabbing, hate crime following standoff

Trump's friends:
Duterte jokes that his soldiers can rape women under martial law in the Philippines

How I Got Fox News To Tell The Truth About ‘Violent Lesbian Gangs’

It's May 30th, 2017; this is the news. )
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One of the things that became clear when I asked for suggestions as to questions to ask assisted living facilities is that a lot of people have no idea what an assisted living facility is, and were answering thinking of nursing homes. This confusion is endemic. Neither [personal profile] tn3270 nor I understood the distinctions before we started looking into it; even his mother, D – who had been the person who asked us to find her a place – didn't understand how different an assisted living facility is from a nursing home. Not until she first set foot in one, a few weeks ago.

As those following this journal know, [personal profile] tn3270 and I have been shopping assisted living facilities for D for most of the last two months. I started writing this four hours after returning from the first "short list" tour of an assisted living residence – the first time we returned to one and brought D with us to check it out for herself. Over lunch – a complementary lunch visit is a typical second-step of the assisted living shopping experience – I asked D if it was like what she had imagined. No. Not even a little bit. She thought it would be like the rehab she had been in after breaking her hip, or the nursing homes her sisters were in. Her mind was (favorably) blown.

So I thought I would do a public service and try to share that experience with my readers, to edify you as to the differences.

At least in Massachusetts. Readers, be cautioned: I literally have no idea how universal these terms are, or whether they mean the same thing everywhere. This is how things are here. How they are where you are, if you are not here, I do not know.

Since apparently more people have far more experience with nursing homes and rehabs (for reasons that will become apparent below) – and since a lot of people don't necessarily know whether facilities they've visited or been nursing homes or something else (they were probably nursing homes) – I thought I'd start there.

Read More [4,980 Words] )

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(Sorry, hopefully this is not completely incoherent - certainly it's totally parenthesis-riddled - but I already posted it by accident so I'm going with it as is!!)

The beginning credits of GotG2 are the best thing in the movie. Maybe my favorite movie credits ever, actually. (I'd have to think about that some more, though.)

And apparently there's a reason for that. I read somewhere - one of the umpteen things about this I've read, and I tried to find it again and had no luck with that - that James Gunn has been working on that credits sequence since the original GotG movie came out - three years ago. Maybe he should have worked that hard on the rest of the movie.

Not that it's bad, it's not. But that opening credits really captures the - whatever it is, magic, I guess! - that made the first movie so extraordinary. And the rest of the movie is brilliant off & on but not consistently, and there was a long stretch when they're on Ego's planet (which I guess is just Ego, but that sounds weird) where I was flat-out bored for a while. Anyway, I did like it (and it's been a couple of weeks ago now so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details) and I definitely want to see it again. (Rob doesn't seem to be quite as enthusiastic but he never wants to rewatch stuff as much as I do, that's pretty normal for us.)

We actually have not been to see anything together since then. I couldn't work up any enthusiasm for Alien Covenant so Rob finally went by himself. (He came back laughing, he seemed to think it was pretty ludicrous.) Certainly no Baywatch for us. I was going to mention the Joss Whedon news bit that I just saw - not only is he apparently directing a Batgirl movie but he is doing the reshoots for Justice League since Snyder is not available. (I was watching that Kevin Smith YouTube thing, here. But if you want to know what happened with Zack Snyder, google it, because they didn't talk about it and and it's depressing as hell so I'm not going to either.)

I'm sure we will go to Wonder Woman next week, since (even though actually reviews are still embargoed) the general consensus seems to be positive. I adored Wonder Woman as a kid - I'm talking about 60s comics, not the 70s TV series, although I watched that too. (It comes on METV or someplace and I've seen a couple of those recently - for 70s TV it doesn't hold up all that badly. Although it's still pretty ludicrious.)
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До Америки недавно докатилось поветрие с китами и группами смерти: в соседнем с нами городе Дэнбери какой-то образовательный административный чин разослал родителям школьников предупреждение обо всей этой бодяге. С ума сойти, как далеко зашло истеричное кликушество журналюшки Мурсалиевой. У кликуш, я смотрю, прямо международный обмен опытом происходит: российские долбоёбы слово в слово тянут с Америки антиабортную пропаганду, а американские вот решили упороться на "группах смерти".

Впрочем, у американских идиотов есть и свои собственные, ниоткуда не заимствованные причины упороться. Тут у нас в апреле начали показывать сериал Thirteen Reasons Why про старшеклассницу, совершившую самоубийство. Так вот наши-то стэмфордские образовательные чиновники разослали родителям школьников предупреждение об этом сериале с просьбой запретить своим детям смотреть его. Когда я это прочитал, я понял, что должен немедленно узнать, из-за чего сыр-бор. Сериал был снят по книге, вышедшей в 2007 году и получившей даже какие-то награды, поэтому я нашёл текст в интернете и убил два вечера на его прочтение. Знаете, более бездарного произведения о самоубийстве я в жизни не видел, и не понимаю, как автора Джея Ашера не погнали из писателей с позором. Ну серьёзно, это совершенно не его. >>> )

Об обновлении визы

May. 29th, 2017 04:36 pm
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Давно не писал, потому что сначала было неохота, а потом некогда — я ездил в Россию обновлять свою визу. Это нужно было сделать из-за Лизаветы. У неё разрешение на работу зависит от визы, а даваемый визой статус как раз должен был истечь в сентябре, и осталась бы Лизавета без работы. Вот мы и поехали визы обновлять. За неделю мы успели прилететь в Москву, сходить на собеседование в американское консульство, слетать в Саратов и повидать родственников, вернуться обратно в Москву, забрать паспорта с напечатанными визами и уехать обратно. От Москвы у меня был чудовищный джет-лаг и головная боль: так получилось, что мы улетали из Америки в середине дня, и на момент прибытия у меня "внутри" было часов 11 ночи. А в Москве из-за разницы часовых поясов — 7 утра, ночи нет, и вообще снова день трезвонится. Я и так хреново переношу длинные перелёты, а тут мой организм уж совершенно охренел от такой часовопоясной подлянки, у меня после приезда два дня башка болела и всё тело ломило, я уж думал, до консульства не доползу. А потом, когда я стал более-менее нормально ползать, организм продолжил охреневать в более мягком режиме: я мог внезапно проснуться в 2 часа ночи и жутко захотеть есть, например. Или в 7 вечера меня неудержимо тянуло спать. >>> )

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May. 29th, 2017 03:34 pm
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There were nutria crossing the road! Hot diggity!
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Навальный в деталях объяснил, за что Усманов даёт взятки Медведеву.
Оказывается, пока Медведев был председателем совета директоров Газпрома, Усманов устроился работать в Газпром и сначала продал акции своего Газпрому задорого, а потом купил их обратно задешево.
Ну а теперь, Усманов потихоньку Медведеву за это платит в виде покупки яхт и дач.

2074, but also, 2070

May. 29th, 2017 10:48 am
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"Good evening, Winston," said the elder assassin.

"Widowmaker," said the ape, grimly, with a three second delay. "I see you have acquired Lena's prefix code."

"Thank you for responding," she said. "We have not talked in some time."

"Using Lena's code set will get my attention. Does she still have access to it too?"

The spider smiled wanly and leaned out of the way. Lena popped into view, "Hiya, big guy! It's okay, I'm here, she's using my kit."

Winston blinked confusedly. "oh! Hello! Where have you been? I hadn't heard from you in a few weeks, and then I heard about London. What exactly happened?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow, now that I don't have MI5 watching my every breath. It'll be a lot easier to get ahold of you from now on! But Amélie needs to talk to you alone, and I wanted to make sure you'd answer, so... hear her out, will ya? For me?"

Winston did not look pleased by the request. "I... what's this all about?"

this is a long one )


May. 29th, 2017 08:46 am
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When out walking the dog this morning, I saw a car with a bumper sticker that read "Keep Oregon Weird" on a car with Kansas license plates.

Were they saying that they wanted to keep all the weird people in Oregon to keep Kansas safe from having to think outside their narrow ideas? Were they Oreganos* forced to live in Kansas for a while, and wanted to keep their hopes alive of the Oregon they loved?

* I'm on a one person crusade to have people from Oregon called "Oreganos" rather than "Oregonians". I think "Oregonian" sounds weird, and "Oregano" is a yummy herb. Besides, people pronounce the one word "Ore-E-Go-Knee-Un", but we don't pronounce the state "Ore-E-Go-n", so actually "Oregano" is closer to how one pronounces the state name.
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Вчера в БЗК открылся фестиваль Magister Ludi, посвященный Карлхайнцу Штокхаузену.
Все дни до 1 июня включительнов консерватории будут проходить мастерклассы (утром и днём) и концерты (вечером в РЗК).
К сожалению, из-за занятости я не смогу быть всюду.
Но на открытие нельзя было не прийти.

Штокхаузен приезжал в Москву в 1990 году. Но тогда в консерваторию его не пустили. Перестраховались. Концерты давались в ДК МГУ на Воробьёвых горах, и зал был битком.
Сейчас - полное раздолье и.... почти пустой БЗК.
Неактуальный тренд, видимо.
Между тем, студентов консерватории обещали пускать бесплатно, по зачёткам. Соблазнились немногие. Да и профессуры было раз, два и обчёлся.

Картинки и ролик )


May. 29th, 2017 05:24 am
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"I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask,
 Mother, what was war?"

  -- Eve Merriam [via Goodreads]

good morning, it's 29 may 2017

May. 29th, 2017 12:51 am
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I have been rather overwhelmed lately. I apologise for that.

This is a catch-up round of news. I'm not attempting to make it complete, but I think it's a reasonable overview of some of the worst, at least, before this weekend.

It's May 29th, 2017; let's get caught up on the news )
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Posted in full at: on May 28, 2017 at 09:45PM

Tags:IFTTT, Fauxthentic History, DWCrosspost

Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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This is brilliantly put:


I know you want to, and you are constantly being told that you must, excel at and be committed to, for example:

1. earning a living wage
2. healing from and/or dealing with injury, illness, emotional trauma, disability
3. basic self-care and adulting (laundry, financial management, etc.)
[... nine more categories elided... ] enough downtime to keep you functional.

But excelling at each of those is equivalent to a full-time job and you cannot physically do them all. In fact, our society considers basic competence at two of them to be a passing grade. ONLY TWO.[...]
Read the whole thing. Recommended.

ETA: I would spin yet a thirteenth category off from #2. Distinct from health is recovering from catastrophe – I had to deal with both The Evacuation and exciting health issues in the past year, and they were quite distinct, though intersecting. Dealing with moving out of my home, having it remediated, and then moving back in, on no notice, was a full-time job. Heck, I'm not even done. TODAY I moved one of my large garment bags (full of summer clothes, natch) home from [personal profile] tn3270's place. I still have [personal profile] jducoeur's handcart. My house is still full of boxes (though, admittedly, that's its default state.) I still don't know where everything goes. Meanwhile along the way I was also trying to do physical therapy appointments and seeing an escalating chain of medical specialists. Whee.
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I performed a completely unrelated wikipedia search, and the very first result was this, clearly the best U. S. District Court case name ever:

United States v. One Tyrannosaurus Bataar Skeleton.



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