Dec. 5th, 2018

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Hi all!

In the deep dark ages past we used IRC as the means for doing real-time development/volunteer communication. This worked well enough for years but as a medium there are a lot of limitations to IRC and most Dreamwidth staff haven't been active there for a long time (for various reasons).

Some time ago we created a Discord community and have been using it for some real-time communications since. It has proven to be effective for our purpose so we're going to make it official. If you would like to have a place to go to ask questions, talk about development, and similar Dreamwidth related conversation, you can find us here:

If you do decide to join us, when you join you'll only be able to see much at the beginning. Just tell us what your Dreamwidth name is in the #introductions channel and as soon as staff is around we can get you the right access to see the rest of the channels!

I want to emphasize that this is just for volunteer/development communication and isn't meant to be a social lounge. IRC is still a reasonable place to go for that if you just want to hang out and chat, but we won't be using Discord for that.

Questions & comments, fire away!


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