Aug. 23rd, 2016

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Only one this time, but the fix is already live because oh my.

Issue 1851: add alert for email output dropping too far
Patch by: [ profile] alierak
Description: Yeah. Yeah. You know that bit where the entire site just... stopped sending e-mails for several days? And this meant nobody got any notifications about comments or support requests about the lack of notifications? And I, for one, saw a few people mention it but was up to my eyeballs in lab and therefore assumed Google had just greylisted Dreamwidth again so didn't actually sound any klaxons? YEAH. It turns out that it's possible, with how notifications get sent, that the connection can... drop... and... no... alerts... went off? So it's now the case that an alarm will start Very Noticeably Blaring if the site doesn't actually succeed in sending any e-mail for longer than 15 minutes. This might get refined, but at least the site won't faceplant into this particular failure mode for quite this long again.

1 total issue resolved
Contributors: [ profile] alierak


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