Jun. 3rd, 2016

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I'm really sorry for the length of time it's taken me to make a final call on this -- I've been hoping that I would have the brainpower to deal with it, but my physical and mental health have both just been absolute shit lately, and I just have not had the cope. (And it's the kind of thing I can't delegate, not without also handing over the DW card, yadda.)

So, we will not be doing any kind of official DW trip to OSB this year -- I seriously considered a "yes, we will bring people, but you'll have to book your own travel and get reimbursed", but even that level of coordination is just beyond me at the moment. I'll be attending and speaking myself, and I need to reserve my (very few) spare cycles for talk prep and doing my own travel.

If you are attending on your own, I'm happy to meet up with people and hang out during, as long as I don't have to arrange anything! (Jen and I are staying at the Paramount.)

I'm sorry, folks; I'll do my best to make the call earlier next year!


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