Mar. 14th, 2016

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Hi folk,

Per the poll, I will be hosting a Dreamwidth contributor event on the 7th & 8th 14th and 15th of May in London. (November 2015 event announce and summary; February 2016 announce and summary.)

It would be possible to hold the Saturday portion of the event in the cafe at Campus London, an event space in Shoreditch managed by Google -- or to hold it near Oakwood station on the Piccadilly line. The latter's more awkward to get to, but I'd be in a position to provide lots of food; the former is going to be a public (and possibly crowded/noisy) space.

If you'd be curious to try out Campus London as a venue, please let me know by Friday the 18th of March -- I'll need to set up an Eventbrite or similar, and I'll need to be able to provide Campus London with a list of attendees prior to the event, and also to come up with some copy about how hosting a Dreamwidth event will Benefit The Start-Up Community. (If [personal profile] me_and remains the only person expressing an active interest in this I am absolutely delegating the booking to him. :-p)

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My previous was INEPT, by which I mean "I am very sorry, I had failed to adequately get my head round familial obligations including celebrating a 98th birthday party"; consequently the dates are instead the 14th and 15th of May, and questions of whether to hold this round in a hackerspace resolve to "no, because I'll have spent a week in the depths of Cornwall" (half a mile down a grass lane outside the village, for serious, and while the neighbour's just paid to have cable laid down the lane my grandfather does not quite believe in the Internet, and whether there's mobile signal at all is entirely dependent on which way the wind is blowing).

So to reiterate, apologies for the misadvertisement, and the next contributor weekend will be the 14th and 15th of May.


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