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Siderea ([personal profile] siderea) wrote in [site community profile] dw_dev 2017-01-09 08:00 pm (UTC)

That one has to have inbox notifications on for anything one wants email notifications of.

That, and I'm just curious. I'm glad I asked if only because your answer was interesting. (If anybody doesn't have anything better to do than indulge my curiosity and wants to tell me about the specific tradeoffs that had to be made for performance, I'm interested in a scalability-case-study sort of way. Not because I have any agenda for changing things, but because knowing examples of this sort of thing makes one wiser about development.)

ETA: Also, when I was explaining to someone about how notifications work, I was struck by how the notifications system is both pervasive and extraordinarily customizable. That combination – pervasive + highly user customizable – is often deeply terrible to implement, for a whole host of reasons, including performance. Pretty much any time anybody twitches on DW, a whole cascade of logic has to be checked to see who needs to be told about it. So it occurred to me to wonder how DW does it, and how DW feels about its solution.

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