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Res facta quae tamen fingi potuit ([personal profile] pauamma) wrote in [site community profile] dw_dev 2016-12-24 04:45 am (UTC)

Following IRC discussion re 1: it may be perlbal on the dreamhack host that's not doing the right thing.

<V_PauAmma_V> (to Sophira) Has the change with concatenation in production (perlbal going away), eg, been duplicated (if needed) on the Dreamhack host? Might be relevant to MomijiWork's problem.
<Sophira> Oh, I suppose it could be relevant. No, it hasn't been duplicated. onto the Dreamhack host.
<Sophira> -.
<Sophira> Mostly because Perlbal is how the Dreamhack machine gets the URLs to all work on the same port.
<Sophira> It shouldn't *really* affect things (that commit, at least, just moves the concatenating functionality that Perlbal was previously providing into the DW code), but it's possible there are other weirdnesses. *checks the Daily Snapshot*
<Sophira> Yeah, the Daily Snapshot has the same issues.
<Sophira> Yeah, it's definitely related to Perlbal. The ?? URLs are returning 404s. Okay, let me look into this.
<Sophira> ...oh, actually, one sec. Bit of an embarrassing thing here, the Daily Snapshot isn't actually doing compass compile in its initialisation. Doing that manually for now.
<Sophira> Okay, made no difference. I suspected as such, but just wanted to make sure.
<Sophira> Sorry for the delay. Still looking into it.#
<Sophira> -#
<Sophira> (unfortunately other things are vying for my attention as well :/)
(time passes)
<Sophira> I emailed Mark a few hours ago, since I'm not certain what's going on. He might have some insight. No reply yet though.
<Sophira> (and I wouldn't expect one so quickly anyway)
<Sophira> (Simply because of times)

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