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Dreamhacks: Apache configuration files

Now that the Dreamhack machine has been upgraded, I'm looking at making things a bit easier to maintain, starting with the Apache configuration files.

[staff profile] mark has already posted instructions to update your configuration so that it will work, but ideally, that shouldn't need to be an issue - it should Just Work. And as it turns out, very few people ever modified their default Apache config files; there are very few cases where it's necessary. In fact, of the three people that have, two of them had only done so for Apache 2.4 compatibility.

It makes sense to me to have this sort of configuration change done on a global basis rather than needing each person to change their Apache config themselves. I do recognise that some people will still need to make local changes, though, so I'm going to be setting it up so that the configuration file as it is now will simply become an Include line to a central configuration file which uses environment variables (which will be in a ~/apache/conf/envvars file) to allow Apache to know where everything is.

This will also involve adding one line to the start-apache and stop-apache scripts pointing to the new envvars file.

I'll make the changes for everybody so that nobody needs to worry about how to do this. Where people have modified the defaults, I'll make sure that those changes are still in the new files. I'll also back up the old Apache configs to a ~/apache/conf/httpd.conf.2.4-backup file in case anything goes wrong.

I plan to do this change in a few days from now - if anybody has any questions or concerns, please let me know! This change does mean that nobody will need to modify their Apache config any more, so when this goes through the instructions in [staff profile] mark's post will no longer be needed, although it will still be necessary to update your code to the latest version and, if you have any branches you're working on currently, pull the latest changes from develop into those branches in order to get the code change for Apache 2.4.

If anybody needs any help, please let me know in the comments!

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