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Please consider participating in the 2013 FLOSS Survey!

I just received this as an email forward, with a note that the 2002 survey was what produced the 1.1% women in open source figure that people quote so widely.

I'm interested to see if anything has changed in 11 years. Please consider participating- the more data the better.
Ten years after the successful FLOSS survey with over 2500 respondents, which had a major impact in community, academia and even politics, we want to recreate the survey with the goal of seeing how the community is nowadays and how it has changed.

If you are a contributor of any type (not only a developer!) to FLOSS, we encourage you to participate in the survey. It takes around 10-15 minutes.

We would also be grateful if you disseminate this announcement among your community and peers. More information about the survey, including privacy, results, authors and publications, can be found at

The FLOSS2013 team
floss2013 at
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[personal profile] randomling 2013-11-18 09:09 pm (UTC)(link)
I will have a look - thank you!
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[personal profile] kaberett 2013-11-18 10:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Done! Was not super-impressed with the survey design as a whole, but am pleased that I got to actually correctly report my gender.
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I feel weird about the email search verification bit, because I don't feel like my Dreamwidth contributions are going to be easy or possible to turn up. The documentation stuff is all under a docadmin's name, and while I'm all over the DW bugzilla and wiki, I don't think I'm in the source.
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[personal profile] stormerider 2013-11-21 11:20 am (UTC)(link)
Participated, IDing as genderqueer :)