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Partial Surprise Code Tour, November 1-30, 2011

Happy Friday and happy weekend to everybody! I bring to you a stocking-stuffer of a code tour: 15 of the 56 bugs that were resolved in the month of November, including patches by [personal profile] kareila, [personal profile] ninetydegrees, [staff profile] mark, [personal profile] exor674, the first patch by new triumphant return by contributer [personal profile] kaisa, and of course, the inimitable [personal profile] fu!

Bug 4027: nano 2011 latest feed
Category: Configuration
Patch by: [personal profile] fu
Description: HEY FU HEY FU did you know there's a latest entries page for entries tagged "nanowrimo" (National Novel Writing Month)? And that right now it's got a whole lot of people working feverishly as the last moments of November tick away? (Congrats, NaNoers!) And there's also one for "nablopomo" (National Blog Posting Month)? Hooray! And congratulations to everybody who participated in either of these two events.

Bug 4028: ajaxy cuttag doesn't work in IE with jQuery beta
Category: Journal contents
Patch by: [personal profile] fu
Description: For those of you who have opted into the jQuery beta test, Internet Explorer was misbehaving with AJAX cut-tags. (For those of you who don't know what this is about, Dreamwidth is switching to using a common JavaScript code library. This will make it both easier to maintain, and easier to make sure that Dreamwidth works correctly across more browsers.)

Bug 3916: large polls not recording votes beyond ~87 votes
Category: Misc Backend
Patch by: [personal profile] kareila
Description: Some of our more inquisitive poll writers and takers may have noticed that when you post a poll with more than 90 checkboxes in a question, and somebody checks off more than ~87 of them, not all the votes were being recorded. (I admit I am having a hard time picturing what such a poll would look like, with my primary thought being 90-odd variations on the spelling of "tickeh box." The internet has corrupted me.)

Bug 4030: Update to jQuery 1.5.2
Category: Misc UI/Frontend
Patch by: [personal profile] fu
Description: The aforementioned JavaScript code library that Dreamwidth is switching to had some updates, so we're now using a more-recent version of that code library that is not broken for IE9 users.

Bug 4031: Sorting icons by keywords should be in case-insensitive order
Category: Misc UI/Frontend
Patch by: [personal profile] fu
Description: On the icons page, sorting icons by keywords was resulting in a non-alphabetical sorting order:


when the order should be:


Bug 4001: Dreamhack: Migration steps
Category: Configuration
Patch by: [staff profile] mark
Description: Dreamhacks (Dreamwidth development/testing environments) were recently migrated to a new server; this bug was primarily [profile] sophira reminding [staff profile] mark of a few tasks that only Mark had the permissions and ability to do. The move went smoothly!

(The reason Dreamhacks were migrated to a new server was because of additional code library upgrades; the process to upgrade the Perl library was more complex than migration, so the latter occurred.)

Bug 4032: Settings/Display: settings for 2nd placeholder option have been switched around
Category: Misc UI/Frontend
Patch by: [personal profile] ninetydegrees
Description: Always means never and never means always! (At least, that's how the image placeholders were interpreting your chosen settings for a bit there.)

Bug 4035: Put back icon keyword into title even when contextual hover is on (jquery beta)
Category: Misc UI/Frontend
Patch by: [personal profile] fu
Description: In the jQuery beta, the "title" attribute that displayed the keyword of an icon had been removed so as to prevent two hover boxes from popping up when you hover over an icon (the keyword box, and the "contextual hover" box with various identity information and navigation links). However, enough people missed the keyword hover box that it has been put back.

Bug 4029: Crosspost status message after posting an entry is inaccurate
Category: Journal contents
Patch by: [personal profile] fu
Description: The new default for notifications of crossposting is to only notify when crosspost attempts fail, but the explanatory text on the Entry Posted page still said that users would be notified on successful crossposting. The site copy was modified to reflect this.

Bug 3988: Restore lists.dwscoalition.org archives?
Category: General/Unknown
Patch by: [staff profile] mark
Description: Before Dreamwidth, there were mailing lists to discuss the possibilities for Dreamwidth. At some point, the archives for said lists stopped working, so [staff profile] mark built them a new home. Check it out if you're interested in some Dreamwidth history!

Bug 2098: print_multilevel_tags times out with many tags
Category: Style System
Patch by: [personal profile] kaisa
Description: Tag pages where the journal or community in question has a lot (thousands) of multilevel tags (such as "music: the beatles") were taking too long to render, so they weren't being rendered at all. [personal profile] kaisa wrote a patch to speed up the process. (I use multilevel tags on my journal - if you haven't seen them before and are curious how they appear in practice, take a look at my tags page.)

Bug 4043: Entry options page broken when user is not logged in
Category: Journal contents
Patch by: [personal profile] fu
Description: In the shiny new beta editor, there are options to configure specific aspects of the "Create Entries" page. Normally, this page will display AJAX-style when you click the settings gear on said entries page, but it is possible to load it as a separate top-level page. However, when you're not logged in, it displays an error page. A better solution is to redirect to the login page, so that's what's being done.

Bug 4008: Yoink Gizmo support
Category: Misc UI/Frontend
Patch by: [personal profile] ninetydegrees
Description: Google discontinued the Gizmo internet telephone software earlier this year, so the section where you could specify a Gizmo username has been removed.

Bug 2821: Search for several interests at once
Category: Search
Suggested by: [personal profile] enigel
Patch by: [personal profile] kareila
Description: I just let out the loudest and highest-pitched squeal (and I am a high soprano with several decades of experience in projecting my voice), and my upstairs neighbor's dogs started barking. Oops. But the ability to search for several interests at once - find people who are interested in both "farmers' markets" and "choral music"? My desire for this type of search on my journaling website of choice predates Dreamwidth being a twinkle in anybody's eye, and I am SO STOKED that this is here. *happy dance*

Bug 2273: advertise (and possibly increase) character limits on entry tags
Category: Tags
Patch by: [personal profile] fu
Description: On the old "Create Entries" page, when you tried to add a tag longer than 40 characters, the tag would quietly truncate when you posted your entry, with no warning. The new "Create Entries" page has a character counter for each tag, so that you know when you're approaching the maximum length. (Increasing the character limit turned out not to be really feasible; 40-character tags are already pretty large, and allowing longer tags would break the table where said tags are stored.)

Bug 4005: Remove status / content_type setting from DW::Template
Category: Routing/TT
Patch by: [personal profile] exor674
Description: Per [personal profile] pauamma: Dre had second thoughts, and reaped the benefits of 20-20 hindsight.
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[personal profile] brainwane 2011-12-02 02:57 pm (UTC)(link)
I love the code tours.
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[personal profile] musyc 2011-12-02 03:13 pm (UTC)(link)
I admit I am having a hard time picturing what such a poll would look like, with my primary thought being 90-odd variations on the spelling of "tickeh box."

And llamas. Can't forget the llamas.

Some really awesome patches in this tour! As always, so many thanks to the DW team and coders for actually telling us these things. The transparency and communication is wonderful.
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Search for several interests at once

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Hooray code tour! :D
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Good new features, yay!
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[personal profile] chris 2011-12-03 01:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Thumbs up all around, but I'm particularly grateful for the tagging and resolution of 3988.