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There will not be a dev chat meeting today unless someone else shows up for me to talk to, because Mark and Fu are on vacation.

However, I will be around trying to hack on DW stuff for the next few hours, so come find me if you want to pick my brain about anything.

The next scheduled meeting time is on Saturday, September 6, at 12 pm EDT.
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I just updated LWPx::ParanoidAgent and Net::SSL on the Dreamhacks server - something that I've needed to do for some time. In the process about seventy bajillion other modules that they relied on needed to be updated, too (mainly to do with HTTP/SSL stuff) so the following modules (and any submodules included in their distribution) are now at their most recent (and the links given lead to the exact versions installed from CPAN):

23 different distributions in total )

As this is rather a lot of modules, some of which can be core to various things that the codebase does, you should restart your Apache if it's currently running; there may be errors otherwise. Also, it's possible that the update of these modules might somehow cause brokenness in some areas on the Dreamhacks server; please do comment here if that's the case (or open a GitHub issue).

(Please note: This only applies to brokenness on the Dreamhacks server. Nothing has changed on dreamwidth.org, so any issues there should be raised in a Support request as usual.)
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This tour is a group effort. Thanks to [personal profile] kareila for rounding up and coding all the issue links! I provided the descriptions.

Here we have a lot of fixes for styles issues, and a lot of stuff from [staff profile] fu! This is a more prompt release than some, because everybody was really anxious to get some of the mobile wonkiness introduced with the last update fixed in this one. We also have stuff from [staff profile] denise, [staff profile] mark, [personal profile] hotlevel4, and [personal profile] exor674.

This code tour is live: the code push entry is over in [site community profile] dw_maintenance as usual.

Read more... )
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If you weren't able to make today's meeting in #dreamwidth-dev, the next meeting will be on Saturday, August 23, at 12 pm EDT. Also there will be another hack date on Sunday, August 17, also at 12 pm EDT.

Here's a list of topics we discussed today, and most of them will probably be revisited next time:

  • code push tomorrow, should fix issues with new mobile styles
  • Github Issues revamped, updated docs on wiki
  • possible alternative project trackers and chat platforms
  • scheduled another social hack time for 8/17
  • encourage "what are we working on" discussion/issues outside of IRC
  • reconsidering how we name/advertise release branches

In attendance were myself, Afuna, zorkian, exor674, and V_PauAmma_V.

Raw chat log under the cut. )
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It's time for another question thread!

The rules:

- You may ask any dev-related question you have in a comment. (It doesn't even need to be about Dreamwidth, although if it involves a language/library/framework/database Dreamwidth doesn't use, you will probably get answers pointing that out and suggesting a better place to ask.)
- You may also answer any question, using the guidelines given in To Answer, Or Not To Answer and in this comment thread.

Note: as mentioned in http://dw-dev-training.dreamwidth.org/58411.html, this month's question thread is in dw_dev instead of dw_dev_training. I plan for this to continue if everyone is comfortable with it, so feel free to comment (either way) about this change too.

ETA: can someone able to create tags on dw_dev add "questions" to this entry? Done, thanks!
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Forgot to say -- if you forget to claim a bug formally, but you submit a pull request that refers to that bug using the "#123" format in a commit, then that will also automatically assign the bug to you.
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Given how much work we're doing on styles, we've decided that instead of doing pushes one-by-one, we're going to get the styles to a good push state and then push them all in one go + accompanying news post.

So no more hotfixes off the current release branch, let's go off develop :)
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I've synthesised discussions about and practical use of GHI into a single wiki page. Please shout if you want anything added or changed!

I've also gone through and replaced as many references to Bugzilla with references to GHI as (1) makes sense and (2) I am immediately able. There's about 20 pages still on my hit-list, not all of which I have the knowledge to deal with - if you feel like pitching in, please take one and let me know when it's done (or, if you don't have wiki access, let me know what the appropriate edits would be).

List of pages outstanding )
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[staff profile] fu
We discovered that you have to be a committer on a repository in order to claim a bug for yourself on Github. If you're not one, you have to ask someone to assign the bug to you.

This didn't really seem feasible, so we've fixed it. You can now claim an issue by leaving a comment with the words "claim", "claimed", or "claiming".

Case doesn't matter -- you can use capital letters if you want. You can also have other words be part of the comment, so you don't need to memorize a specific format. "I'm claiming this" will work just as well as "Claimed!".

Claiming will only work if the current issue is not yet claimed -- this will avoid the problem of accidentally grabbing the bug from someone else during a long discussion about claiming something else in a different context.

You *do* need to be part of the Dreamwidth contributors team on Github before assigning issues will work so we've gone and added everyone who's been active in the past year (if you got an email from Github welcoming you the Dreamwidth contributors team that's what that's about!). If you're a new contributor, you'll be automatically added when you give your CLA to [staff profile] denise.

For existing contributors, do double-check if you're on any of the Dreamwidth teams. If it shows you a list of teams you're on, you're good! If we missed you somehow and tells you that you're not on any teams, let us know and we'll add you ASAP.
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Hi all,

I'm moving the next chat meeting back a week, to Saturday, August 9, at 12 pm EDT. I hope this doesn't inconvenience any one, but neither Fey nor I can promise to be around this coming weekend.

I hope the hack date on Sunday was productive! Hopefully I can be there for the next one. :)
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[staff profile] fu

We have two main branches in the Dreamwidth repositories: master and develop.

master was intended to be used but... never really got any love.

So here's what I propose: remove all the instructions in our documentation which mention master, and just have 'develop`.

Since develop is where all work goes, nothing in the dev workflow will officially change. But occasionally we have accidents where master gets merged into developinstead of the other way around, or someone finds themselves on master when they should be on develop instead -- and removing any mention of master from our instructions should prevent that from ever happening again.

As for what will happen to master... we never actually used it, and at this point ingrained habits for develop + all setups old and new assume develop, so I suggest we continue not using master the way we currently do.

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FYI -- the aforementioned "let's sit down and work on things!" time is going on now in IRC and will be for a couple of hours. I've you've a project you've been meaning to work on but haven't found the time or motivation, come on over and join us!
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[staff profile] mark
Instead of a dev chat this weekend, I'm planning on doing some DW work on Sunday morning my time for a while. I welcome anybody who's interested to hop on IRC for some low-key proximal (chronologically) hack time.

There is no real schedule or plan: you can and should work on whatever you want, whether it be code, docs, support requests, styles, design, or even just hanging out and not doing any project if you just want to be social. Although I don't intend to spend a lot of time chatting (it's hacking time for me!) but I will be around for questions.

Date: Sunday 2014-07-27
Time: ~9AM PDT / 1600 UTC

Hope to see some of you there!
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In a few minutes we'll be starting a meeting in #dreamwidth-dev! Please drop by if you're around and chat with us!

If you aren't able to make today's meeting, the next meeting will be on Saturday, August 9, at 12 pm EDT.

Update: Here's a list of topics we discussed today:

  • moving chat meetings to every other week, and having social hack time on alternate weeks
  • new mobile styles: current status, and what needs to be done (helpers welcome)
  • Github Issues: still working on getting tags and teams into shape
  • project tracking for non-development projects (e.g. documentation) and non-public projects (security issues)
  • general tracking of larger developer projects (using milestones for this)

And a partial list of topics to follow up with next time:

  • revisit scheduling if needed; was social hack time productive?
  • specific "what are we working on" discussion/issues (chat? blogs? other?)
  • revisit new mobile styles / Github Issues to discuss progress

In attendance were myself, deborahGU, Afuna, alierak, zorkian, and Sophira.

Raw chat log under the cut. )
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I was going to post a reminder, then thought I'd missed the submissions deadline, but turns out it was extended!

Linux Conf AU will be held in Auckland on 12 Jan - 16 Jan, 2015. The Call for Proposals (and miniconfs) now ends 21 Jul. It's a great conference -- covering all things open source, not just Linux -- and they're very generous with travel assistance for speakers and are always looking for new people to speak so it's not just The Usual Suspects. Please consider submitting!

I will almost certainly be going this year even if my talks (I've submitted two) aren't accepted, so if you're on the fence about submitting because you're feeling uncertain about your public speaking background, submit anyway: if your talk gets accepted, I will cheerfully help you refine your talk before departure and help you rehearse once we get there.
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[personal profile] afuna and I have worked together to bring you this hand-crafted code tour of issues that have been closed in the past month or so. These fixes should all be live on the site after tomorrow night's code push if they're not already.

If any of my descriptions are too obtuse, let me know and I will try to clarify them!

This turns out to be much longer than I anticipated.... )
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In two hours, we'll be starting a meeting in #dreamwidth-dev! Please drop by if you're around and chat with us!

If you can't make today's meeting, the next meeting will be on Saturday, July 19, at 12 noon EDT.

Update: We only had a few people show up, so tonight's chat was very informal. If you are one of the developers who cannot attend meetings at 12 noon EDT on Saturdays, will you consider proposing an alternate time for our opposite weeks in the comments here?

Here's the list of topics I'd intended to discuss tonight, to follow up with next time:

  • project tracking for non-development projects (e.g. documentation)
  • general tracking of larger developer projects (wiki? milestones? other?)
  • specific "what are we working on" discussion/issues (chat? blogs? other?)
  • possibly moving chat meetings to every other week

In attendance were myself, foxfirefey, Afuna, rax, and fhocutt.

Raw chat log under the cut. )
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Hi all! During Saturday's dev chat, one of the discussions that came up was the current status of our work on improving the process of using Github Issues as our bug tracker.

Here is where we are right now:

It is now possible for anyone to use inline text tags to categorize new issues. [staff profile] fu has put up a rough draft of the instructions for this process, along with a list of the labels that are currently recognized. We are also planning to allow issues to be "claimed" in a similar manner, although the format for doing that hasn't been finalized yet.

Another part of Github Issues that we've been experimenting with is the use of milestones. If you look at the milestones on dw-free you can see, for example, the status of open bugs on certain major projects like Foundation and mobile styles. I think this could be really useful, especially in light of recent comments saying that we haven't been doing a good job of communicating the progress of our major development projects within the development community.

There are also other milestones currently displayed on that page such as "unclaimed", "curated", and "in progress" - a lively discussion ensued as to whether these would be better used as tags instead of milestones, and I'd like to continue that discussion below. The main issue with milestones on Github in general is that a bug cannot be assigned to more than one milestone. From a workflow perspective, we would expect to see a progression of untriaged -> unassigned -> claimed/in progress -> pull request -> closed, and the fact that an issue cannot exist in more than one of those states at a time makes it a good candidate for the use of milestones - but could conflict with using milestones for the purpose of tracking large projects.

There was also a great deal of confusion as to what "curated" was supposed to mean in this context. [staff profile] mark said what he desired was a list of three or so "top priority" unclaimed bugs, so that he could easily decide what to spend his limited time on. Again, this may be a better candidate for a tag than a milestone, and maybe with a label that is easier to interpret.

The last issue mentioned is that we still haven't come up with tags for indicating which area of the code is involved with a bug (e.g. styles, notifications, etc.), which is something we relied on pretty heavily with our previous Bugzilla setup in order to find new things to work on.

Please continue the discussion in comments!
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Every few months, I run through [site community profile] changelog compiling a list of who has been contributing patches to our code repository, with the understanding that this is not a competition, or any sort of "high score" list. It's intended as a guide for casual developers, to discern not only our most prolific contributors, but also those who have contributed to the project most recently and therefore would be more likely to provide a timely, informed response to development questions. That is why the list is sorted by "Latest" instead of "Changes".

In general, one commit on Github equals one point in the "Changes" column, but fractional points are awarded for collaborative efforts — the most common example being a new S2 theme, where usually half credit is awarded to the theme author and the other half to the person who converts the theme into a code patch. Due to the nature of development, some changes are massive contributions of new code, and others are tiny tweaks; there is no correlation with the amount of effort involved. We are grateful to everyone who helps to improve Dreamwidth, in ways large or small.

I last compiled this list in the middle of March. Since that time, we have welcomed two new contributors: [personal profile] fhocutt and [personal profile] darael. Congratulations and thank you again!

  #  User                      Changes     Latest
  1. fu                           1650     Thu Jul 03 05:50:53 2014 UTC
  2. stormerider                    10     Sun Jun 29 04:55:38 2014 UTC
  3. denise                     406.08     Wed Jun 25 18:50:40 2014 UTC
  4. sophie                         57     Wed Jun 25 12:37:36 2014 UTC
  5. momijizukamori             210.16     Sat Jun 21 23:07:59 2014 UTC
  6. mark                        522.5     Mon May 19 00:29:26 2014 UTC
  7. darael                          8     Mon May 12 13:43:30 2014 UTC
  8. hotlevel4                      30     Thu Apr 24 08:39:36 2014 UTC
  9. fhocutt                         4     Thu Apr 03 06:24:15 2014 UTC
 10. ninetydegrees              693.93     Mon Mar 03 20:22:10 2014 UTC

 11. exor674                       333     Sun Mar 02 15:44:46 2014 UTC
 12. nornoriel                    15.5     Thu Feb 27 19:58:39 2014 UTC
 13. foxfirefey                    102     Thu Dec 26 04:59:42 2013 UTC
 14. liv                            30     Sun Nov 10 14:53:47 2013 UTC
 15. purplecat                      16     Sat Nov 09 15:24:39 2013 UTC
 16. forests_of_fire                 1     Sat Oct 19 18:19:34 2013 UTC
 17. timeasmymeasure             13.33     Sat Oct 19 16:08:11 2013 UTC
 18. dancing_serpent              24.6     Sat Oct 19 15:50:17 2013 UTC
 19. swaldman                       77     Sat Sep 14 14:41:11 2013 UTC
 20. kaberett                       13     Wed Aug 14 00:00:28 2013 UTC
The rest of the list... (144 total) )
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Next week's code push will see the removal of the /misc/interestdata script and the addition of its replacement, a journal-side /data/interests API that outputs in JSON format. (note: This is not part of the XML-RPC API.)

Currently, interest data can be obtained using an URL like http://www.dreamwidth.org/misc/interestdata?user=sophie , which uses a custom format that has to be parsed specially. For example, here are my first five interests in this custom format:

# Note: Polite data miners cache on their end.  Impolite ones get banned.
# <intid> <intcount> <interest ...>
10847 2 #!/usr/bin/perl
867 294 80's music
741 284 80s music
296200 5 a11y
273 118 acceptance
After the code push, this interest data will be obtainable from http://sophie.dreamwidth.org/data/interests instead (obviously, the username will be different depending on who you want the interest data for), and will be in JSON format. The five interests above will be represented by the equivalent of the following JSON (note that the interests will be in no particular order, which I am simulating by putting the interests in a random order):

    "interests": {
        "296200": {
            "count": 5,
            "interest": "a11y"
        "867": {
            "count": 294,
            "interest": "80's music"
        "273": {
            "count": 118,
            "interest": "acceptance"
        "10847": {
            "count": 2,
            "interest": "#!/usr/bin/perl"
        "741": {
            "count": 284,
            "interest": "80s music"
    "name": "sophie",
    "account_type": "P",
    "account_id": "324"
The actual JSON will not be beautified, and you can see an example of actual parseable output on my Dreamhack at http://sophie.sophie.hack.dreamwidth.net/data/interests . (Note that my Dreamhack is very empty and all of the interest counts are therefore 1. If you'd like an account on my Dreamhack to test this new API before it goes live, let me know and I'll give you an invite code. If you already have a Dreamhack, you can also pull the newest code and test it yourself.)

Notice that the new JSON also includes basic user metadata - the username, account type and account ID. This should save people the bother of having to obtain this information from elsewhere.

The former /misc/interestdata script had an additional mode of operation where you could give it a single interest name and it would return the count of that interest. For now, this functionality will no longer exist after the next code push. (It was only of very limited use and as far as I know was never widely used.) If this is an issue for you, let me know; I'm thinking of ways to expand on that functionality, and while I can make no promises, I have Ideas.

If you have any questions or comments about this, please feel free to ask in the comments!


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